Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Apparition At Knock (??)

Dear Sirs,

Apparently the spiritualist Joe Coleman has asked people to congregate inside the main Basilica at Knock at 3pm on Saturday October 31st, 2009 and said that Our Lady will appear on the altar.

Will Archbishop Neary be there in person to see what happens, if anything, and to refute any claims of authenticity?

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Andre said...

Spooky I was thinking about this. Joe Coleman does a scary seance(unchristian I know and against the rules for me) but attended one of these in an east dublin pub once. Chilling when he commanded the curtains to dance on the windows before a bellowing smoke cloud with our help praying the ourfather backwards! think all the rosaries at knock would countreract the effects. I think blackart within a church would be without power.

Anonymous said...

Joe Coleman is a spiritualist. The practice of spiritualism goes completely against our Christian beliefs. On the Saturday when the other 'vision' was supposed to take place, it was also the Dominicans annual pilgrimage to Knock. They had to cancel the Rosary procession because of the crowds looking up at the sky. Also the Priest was asking people to go to Mass and they wouldnt go, again because they were too busy looking into the I think we should all know where this is coming from, becuase it is definitely not from God. Beware...

Sister-Daughter said...

They should not allow this. And no one should gather like this either. Andre; you attended this charade? You need cleansing prayer.