Thursday, August 17, 2023

CW Investigates : Operation Inis (1)

 CWI : Operation Inis

To all our loyal followers - we are now going to begin publishing another investigation we have been working on for some time - Operation Inis.

This investigation is in effect, the genesis and prelude to Operations Ainmhian and Laonia - and all of this will become very, very clear over the next few weeks.

Both Operations - Ainmhian and Laonia - will remain somewhat dormant for now - and will be updated once certain legal and criminal matters have taken a certain course.

We here in CW do not wish to, in any way, shape or form, interfere in, or impede, ongoing criminal investigations (unlike others we could - and have - mentioned heretofore).

Beginning in the coming days, Operation Inis will lay the ground for all that will come keep an eye to CW....