Friday, September 01, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (6)

CWI : Operation Latharna

Just a few days ago, Mr Buckley was yet again keeping busy and meddling in peoples lives, irrespective of considerations for the impact such meddling woud have, and one case in point is that of the post in reference to the wedding of a young couple, at which a priest officiated.

A priest (amongst oh so many) who has been in the firing line of Mr Buckley for some time now, and now worringly, Mr Buckley may find himself in breach of GDPR (not that such matters - evidently - to Mr Buckley and his Southern Sidekick) for posting the picture of the ceremony booklet, which contained the names of the couple and one set of parents.

Irrespective of how Mr Buckley feels towards the priest, and God knows the world and its Mother knows that, it does not give mr Buckley the right to publish without due consideration etc the names of others...but then again as we - and Mr Buckley - are more than aware, he has a tendency to publish in a very inconsiderate way.

Which leds to another question of Mr Buckley - why, and for what end result are you trying to make contact with someone in very recent days who you also effectively defamed on your own site last year, despite that person having been legally exonerated?

We have the necessary evidence of such attempts by you trying to make contact, and have now passed it to our own legal team who will advise same said person how to proceed in relation to your unwarranted, unwanted and unwelcome intrusion into their life.

Also, Mr Buckley, when your Southern Sidekick goes on a 'scraping mission' through this site, please advise that if anything is going to be lifted from our postings here, that it is what we have indeed published and not what ye would like it to other words, stick to the evidenced facts and not your own false narrative.

And just for now, maybe Mr Buckley, you could begin to answer the questions we have asked of you many times on this site, and do so in a manner that currently befits you and your Southern Sidekick...

By the way, how does the number 6 or indeed 7 suddenly become the number 2?