Wednesday, March 22, 2023

CWI : Operation Laonia (7)

 CWI : Operation Laonia

Further to our posting here last evening, it seems that Bishop Fintan 'Fear Na Bruíne' Monahan has, for the moment, backed down from making the public statement he intended to this very evening (Wed 22nd. March 2023).

He arrogantly goes on to say however that it will happen in May, and according to his own self-righteous self, it is in the best interests of the clergy and the public to make this announcement.

Indeed, it may very well be so, but before we get to May, is there any chance that Fintan would care to adress the public in relation to the following - in the interests of the priests and the public of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Killaloe of course : 

1. Has the laicisation been sought of the priest who sits on your Advisory Board, a priest who himself fathered a daughter a few years ago? 

Why is he still sitting in effect, in judgement of others when his own copybook is so blotted? 

Have any Diocesan / Parish funds been used in funding the education and well-being of this priests daughter all these years?

2. Another priest who has been in a long term sexual, emotional and physical relationship with a married woman (and fathered a son with her) has been the subject of communication to you and the Diocesan offices for some time from parishoners in Offaly where he currently resides (and joined by herself some nights).

Why is it that this situation, which began in Ennis Cathedral Presbytery, has been allowed to continue to his posting in Offaly, and overnight stays continue to be the norm?

Is this priest going to be laicised?

If not, why not?

The parishoners correspondence to you and the Diocesan offices in relation to this situation remains unanswered - why?

3. Recent allegations against a priest in the South East of the Clare (Shannon) part of the diocese have resulted, in effect, nothing happening to this particular priest even though his involvement with the female parishoner have been well documented and noted by so many, yet it is steadfastly ignored by you.

There are also allegations he may have been active over in London some years back on the gay scene also - a bit of 'cock and pussy' boy as they may say.

His sexual activities have been advised to us, and we have the evidence to back it all up should you dare to come-a-knocking for it. 

He may have toned down his activities a bit in recent times, but his physical relations have continued for some time.

Is this priest going to be laicised?

If not, why not?

In relation to Shannon, did Cleo Yates ever follow through on her signalled intent to provide Shannon Gardaí with the contact details of a Garda she sought from others a few weeks ago?

We know she didn't, so why did she, in effect, lie?

Was that done in the public interest?

 4. Why is the criminally convicted wanker that is Fr Jerry Carey still gainfully employed by the Diocese, both in your Headquarters there in Westbourne, and also a mentor in homiletics and pastoral training (in Nenagh)?

Was there a 'due diligence' assesment carried out on him by Cleo Yates so as to ascertain if he is suitable to work / mentoq within the Diocese?

If not, why not?

If so, when can it be published? (in the public interest of course!!)

You are probably aware of allegations made against Fr Carey and another preist of the Diocese some years ago, and that these allegations have not yet been proven to be unfounded.

Are they considered to be serious enough to merit investigation by Cleo Yates?

Is the laicisation of Fr Carey being sought?

If not, why not?

5. Have you yet apologised to the priest that you gainfully attempted to laicise, but it backfired on you in such a way as to embarrass you no end such that you have dismissed any further talk or reference to this matter?

Will you ever apologise?

6. How are your attempts to have another priest laicised proceeding?  He dared to stand up to you and your bullying attitude and sleveen ways of 'Pseudo-Psychology 101', and you do not like that at all do you? 

You know exactly who is being referred to in this comment / question, and if you have forgotten, maybe the fact that you have in effect, impoverished him, may juggle the auld cells for you.

7. In the public interest, and those of the priests also, how many fainting spells have you had so far this year? How many did you have last year?

Do you not agree that it is important that a Diocese have a stable and progressive future, and for that to happen, it needs the same from its leadership?

8. Have you yet apologised to the priest against whom you made a false alleagtion to the Gardaí in Ennis? 

Do you not think that in the public interest, and especially that of your priests, that you should state why you did make such a false allegation?

Did the Gardaí not give you a slap on the wrist for effectively wasting Garda time?

9. What are you doing about the continuing public allegations that continue to be made about not only your priests, but also the laity of the diocese of Killaloe? 

Do you and the diocese, via Cleo Yates, your Advisory Board, and others, engaged by, and on behalf of the Diocese (at some cost no doubt) still believe the allegations, as has been publicly stated and published? 

You have been made aware (on more than umpteen occasions) that many of the allegations you are publicly stated to have believed, are now the subject  of 2 ongoing criminal investigations, no doubt with potential civil cases down the line.

So why have you brought the Diocese to the brink (and to the Courts) in relation to flagging that you were going to make an announcement which you were well-advised could damage such criminal investigations?

10. Your Diocesan Secretary, Fr Ger Jones, was appointed to the parish of Cloughleigh (which you are in effect shutting down by stealth), and yet he has failed to carry out any First Friday visits (one now has to make an appointment by telephone to get a hold of him), and in effect, is the invisible priest.

He has not involved himself in his parish, visited any of the parishoners, engaged with the youth or supported efforts to seek to provide calm in a very challenging environment.

Of course, as he has put it himself, he doesn't 'do' ne'er do wells.....he will make a great bishop yet so!!

What are you doing to ensure that he complies with his pastoral obligations to the parish to which he has been appointed?

Do the parishoners of Cloughleigh not deserve better?

The fact that you have yet to set foot in the place (and you literally a few hundred yards from this parish) speaks its own story.

11. On the subject of closures, when will the people of Dysart, Kilnaboy and Rath be notified that their parish churches are going to be closed permanently, and inevitably sold off?

Have the parishoners been consulted on this?

In the public interest, should they not have been if they haven't already?

12. Are you still going to grease your own hands with the filthy lucre from the HSE and sell out on the wishes of the deceased benefactor of the lands at Saint Flannans?

What are you going to do when the teachers and pupils in Saint Flannans decide they do not wish to teach or be educated (respectively) in such a college any further?

Will you shut that down too and sell it off?

Will Fr Iggy be left destitute?

Any monies welcome where the Diocesan debt has to be written down to the parishes, we suppose....but truly, at what cost?

So, now, in the public and clerical interests of the Diocese of Killaloe, maybe you would care to address these matters before May, and if you would throw in the truth to the mix, it would be most welcome indeed.

We have our evidence, verified at least 3 times, and as much more to come as of yet....

Over to the Navan Road for consideration methinks....