Monday, August 07, 2023

CWI : Operation Caimiléireacht (4)

CWI : Operation Caimiléireacht

It is now 5 months since we last made any reference to this ongoing investigation, but we are now in the position whereby in September, we will start naming names, incidents, corrupt behaviour and perhaps some secrets some would rather remain just that - secret.

Be advised that any and all claims made here have been thoroughly validated - hence the silence in relation to this particular investigation - and there will be some middle to high-ranking gardai (Clare Division), a judge or two (Western District), a solicitor in Ennis, the current Registrar General, a few similiarly corrupt cronies in the State Solicitor's office and one or two registrars in the midlands, alongside 2 well-known politicians - who are in for a serious wake-up call in the very, very near future.

Watch this space..... 

And don't worry, those in church circles and indeed Clare County Council, alongside some in HSE will get your (dis)honourable mentions also...but awaiting more verification in relation to claims against yourselves....