Monday, November 22, 2010

Paedo Church Warning!!!

The following message was distributed through the acebook system over the last few days as a result of our highlighting this 'Church', and the message remains the same and make up your own mind.

Welcome to this FB profile which was created in May 2009 as the Ireland site of the Reformed Catholic Church which was at the time expanding and developing within Europe.

However, in November 2009, international media brought to the attention of members of the RCC that all was not well within the RCC which in ...
fact proved to be the case when the hierarchy of the church tried to cover up the acions and convictions of a paedophile and a few embezzlers one of whom alone was a convicted felon.

This information was verified to clergy throughout the church community against the wishes of the hierarchy but a few brave members of the bishops bench decided it needed to be known, and subsequently were blacklisted, reputations slandered and defamed etc because they dared to speak the truth.

It has come to our attention that Niall Sheridan of the RCC in Ireland and with 'responsibility' for Europe was working in tandem with Mr George Phillip Zimmerman in an attempt to have a convicted paedophile transferred to Ireland contrary to Megans Law in the USA, but SNAP and other groups alerted the public to this and it was quietly rescinded.

Any further info in relation to this activity of the RCC can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

At the moment, Mr Sheridan and his convict paedo and embezzler friends are again trying to re-establish themselves under the guise of the Corpus Christi Communion ( which is a cover for their illegal and immoral behaviour as the RCC, and have a facebook account now called The Reformed Catholic Church in Europe to disguise their actions or rather inactions when they were trying to ship a convicted paedophile.

Be warned, be aware and be wary of them as snakes and vipers come in all shapes, sizes and disguises