Saturday, August 19, 2023

CWI : Operation Easpag (17)

CWI : Operation Easpag

Well, it seems that the bishop at the centre of this has decided to cop himself on and engage with those who have been trying to get a response from this aforementioned bishop for the last few years.

The promise of releasing over 200 pages of very controversial and verifified evidence on 1st September 2023 must have finally caught the attention of His (dis)Grace - but as the saying goes, better late than never.

Now, we here in CW, on behalf and in support of, those who you have pledged to engage with, would like to advise you of the following -

If at any stage we get the feeling that you are doing this as some form of tactic or other so as to get you off some kind of hook or other - think again!!

If we find this to be the case, then without any notice to you, the whole lot is going up here and let the outcome be yours to deal with thereafter.

You will not get anything akin to a second chance from us or those whom you have had, until recently, snubbed, ignored and denied.

Waste our and their time at your peril...!!