Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hell Hath No Fury...Like The PEC Scorned!!!

Well well well, a week they say is a long time in politics, but it seems it is not long enough for the 'Father Protector of the European Developing Communities of the Reformed Catholic Church' Mr Niall Sheridan.

Mr Sheridan has taken grave exception to the exposing of the 'church' of which he is a member and we have informed you to be a harbour for pedos and embezzlers and now it seems tax evaders.

Mr Sheridan has taken it upon himself to falsely report and have removed from Facebook my own personal account, the account for CW and also that of the Evangelical Catholic Church Diocese of Europe (for reasons known only unto himself) having cited them to be fake accounts which indeed they were not.
His malice in doing so was so as to prevent the further distribution of information in relation to the 'church' of which he is a member which has been validated at every turn and indeed is now proving to be of interest to some of the European media.

We here in CW will be very happy to pass on the necessary information to those who have made contact and certainly direct them to the many sources in USA and Europe who will be more than happy to advise and assist in relation to the questionable behavior of many of the remaining members of the 'church'.

Unlike Mr Sheridan and his convict cohorts, the truth shall be known about the 'church' and despite Mr Sheridan's best attempts to prevent such information being distributed, the truth will out as it always does, and any attempts to stifle such either by blackening the names of the innocent or falsely reporting to authorities (nothing new there with the 'church' then), it shall prove futile.

SIC: Editor CW