Tuesday, November 14, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (14)

CWI : Operation Latharna

Poor 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Mr Buckley's Southern Sidekick has got her own knickers in a twist again, and in so doing, has distorted what this site has published...but no surprise there as per usual.

Ref : Nov 3 2023 comment where Clerical Whispers is accused of descending further into farce, and accuses us of making allegations against the Diocese of Killaloe including botox use, child benefit, running partners in spandex and pro-Israel marches. 

And then further accuses us of being bonkers.

Well, let us be very clear here...even for you Mr Buckley and 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Mr Buckley's Southern Sidekick...we never made any allegation against the Diocese of Killaloe in relation to the following : botox use, child benefit, and pro-Israel marches, and we challenge you to provide the evidence of this in lieu of your latest false claims etc.

And then to follow in reply to that posting of yours 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Mr Buckley's Southern Sidekick...you claim a CW post was blocked or taken down for some reason....would you care to advise us of such posting please such as date, content etc?

And we challenge you, yet again, Mr Buckley - produce the evidence to back up each and every allegation you have published and permitted to be published on your blogspot for the last few years.

We know, as indeed do you, that an email and a telephone call from one particular person which would totally undermine many of the claims you have made on your blogspot have gone unheeded by you. Why?

Yet in the telephone call (a record of which exists) you claim to believe the female (whom your blog named as part of a false allegation), and yet to this day you have left the false allegation on your blog. Why?

As you are well aware Mr Buckley, and well advised, especially in very recent times, you have a lot of material on your blog which could lead to civil actions being taken against you specifically, and indeed 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Southern Sidekick.

Be advised Mr Buckley, and indeed 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Southern Sidekick that there are a 'family' of legal actions being prepared against you already.

A note for 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Mr Buckley's Southern Sidekick, if anyone knows anything about courts at this time, it's you....and in very due course, so will the readers of this blog know about you in a more identifiable way.

And then the world and its Mother will know exactly to whom to attach the term 'bonkers', and it certainly will not be us here at CW...and unlike either of you...we have the proof and truth on our side.

And unlike a very recent claim, it is not in the public domain....yet!!