Thursday, February 26, 2009

Parish In Bray (22)


The GREED and uncaring Parish and Parish Priest has struck again.

Today the entire country are having Pancake Parties for children's hospitals around the country.

This morning TV3 had a reminder of the Odlums party's for National Children's Hospital in Tallaght.

My niece in Letterkenny, a mother of 3 young children, was up all night making pancakes for their fundraising efforts for Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin.

EVERYONE is doing their bit all over the country, for CHILDREN, HOSPITALS and CHARITY

that is EXCEPT The Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Bray and the Parish Priest there.

Oh YES they had a big PANCAKE PARTY but he announced that it was FOR DONATIONS FOR OUR "BELOVED ROOF" (REPAIRS). To the Parish Priest an old roof is BELOVED sick children are NOT.

NO CHRISTIAN CHARITY OR CARING in this Church. It is think of yourself first, squeeze the Parishioners a bit more for the grand building plans of the Parish Priest and to hell with the sick children of the country.

You can see HYPOCRISY in action any day of the week in this Parish. They would take the last piece of bread out of the mouth of the sick children AND THIS IN THE WEEK THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ARE ISSUING THEIR NEW CHILD PROTECTION POLICIES.

It is all a VERY SICK JOKE don't you think??????????

Also on a FUNNY, SAD AND RIDICULOUS note the Parish seems to have had its second or third FALSE START with this SO CALLED work to be done on the Church. It has been starting since JANUARY 12. Gates are locked again to the inconvenience of everyone BUT no signs yet of builders or building equipment.

FOR HEAVENS SAKE will they sort themselves out get the work done and throw the Parish Priest out in the skip with the rubble!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Anonymous said...

Very sad to report we are losing our lovely Curate from Our Lady Queen of Peace around May or June.

This gentle lovely and Holy man has been in Queen of Peace for over ten years. A Cork native with a great sense of humour and caring for all those he served in the Parish.

A great Irish speaker he will be missed by all the children from the Irish schools in town as well as the Parishioners in general.

We hear he will be Chaplain in the Nursing Home in Killester.

Our loss will certainly be their gain.

He will be sadly, sadly missed but we wish him well in his retirement which agewise is several years overdue. He, like our previous Parish Priest Very Reverend Father John Canon MacMahon, also now retired, are both a credit to the Church they have served so well for so many years. They will always be remembered with great affection by the Parishioners in Our Lady Queen of Peace.

God Bless you Father Finbarr Mullane. You brought true caring and Christianity to our Parish.

Unknown said...

Is this a personal rant or from some other source? Either which way it should be signed or otherwise identified.
It is a good thing that most of the country rallied around to raise funds for children, but we need to be cautious that a good deed not be abused and that people are not 'guilt-tripped' into participating. If people are so distressed about the activities of the Parish, they do not have to attend them; if you don't like it, don't go - especially if it is about fund raising. I am sure that the people of Bray were not short of fudraising activities for Our Lady's Hospital.

Anonymous said...

Comment was from a Parishioner present at the Mass in Our Lady Queen of Peace and who has quoted the exact words of the Parish Priest.

He announced at Mass that he LOVED pancakes and hoped that all present would follow him into the Parish Centre to have some and that donations were for OUR "BELOVED ROOF". Because a lot of elderly pensioners were present who may not have brought money with them having just dropped across the road to Mass he added with a SMIRK "If you don't have any money that's ok too".

Between the usual collections for the Priests of the Parish with Dues 3 times a year, 2 in Mass collections, endless fundraising in the Parish and the Outdoor envelope collection for the day to day running of the Parish and NOW that the Parish Priest hopes that everyone will contribute MORE to this or via Bankers Order by way of a Parish Canvass which is being undertaken, the good people of Our Lady Queen of Peace are being bled dry of any cash they may still actually have during this credit crunch. The elderly being Pensioners in the Parish feel under pressure that they can't afford to give more and are more or less the main contributors to the Parish coffers as those with young families are struggling just pay cheque to pay cheque and if they drop a few coins in the baskets provided they actually attend Mass that is about it but most of them do not give on a regular basis via the outdoor collection and it is almost certain that when the Canvas reaches their door they certainly won't be interested. They should not be made feel guilty by this at the present time when so many in our Parish have had to resort to St. Vincent de Paul to pay for their essentials.

At the same time most of them have HUGE mortgages to keep a roof over their heads while the Parish Priest resides in a large family house on his own rent free from the Church when there is a Presbytery in the Church grounds across the street from it. This large Presbytery has two self contained flats upstairs and downstairs each with even a guest room en suite and a nice garden to the back.

The Parish Priest did live there originally but it did not afford him enough "privacy" so he moved for over six months to a luxury bungalow half a mile away (paid for by the Parish) until the former PP agreed to move out of Parochial House and let him move in. What does one man require a large family home for? We all have to cut costs now so the Diocese should sell this now unneeded large family home when the number of Priests in Parishes are shrinking and one flat in the Presbytery will be vacant when Curate Father Finbarr moves shortly.

If the Parish Priest wants to fund all this work to the Church then his house should be sold to raise the money and he move into the Presbytery (unless again he decides it does not give him "enough privacy" - in spite of him being there to serve his flock and should be reachable to them) and therefore not be squeezing the Parishioners in these hard times for any more of their hard earned cash. There are also many unemployed persons in the Parish!

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see that the HORRIBLE LITTLE MAN one Fr. Larry White Parish Priest has had to back pedal and eat his own words regarding locking and chaining of the Church gates both for traffic and pedestrians on the Vevay Road side of the Church. He announced there would be no entry for anyone for several months while the building work went on - quite a distance from said gates - which caused an inconvenience to both Parishioners and school children whose school is in the Church grounds and the boys from Presentation College.

Having seen workmen cut through the chains on one set of gates and unlock the others it is a major victory for the people over this LITTLE member of the Clergy.

Also the pub across the street who paid for and built the front car park in the Church grounds, and who pay several THOUSANDS of Euro per year to the Parish Priest for the use of same would not have been happy if said gates remained chained up like a Prison.

It is nice to see a LITTLE DICTATOR get SLAPPED DOWN and made to EAT HIS WORDS!!!! Yipeeeeeeeee!

Still a Very Disillusioned Catholic said...

Just got the news that the newly refurbished Church Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray will be open for "BUSINESS" again on Sunday May 10.


all the HOLY BOYS stick together

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin will officiate at the formal Blessing of the refurbished Church on Sunday 7th June at the 12:00noon Mass.

We will therefore have Parish Priest Fr. Larry White with his HALO POLISHED AND BLINDING ALL THOSE PRESENT as he gives one of his best acting performances ever in the presence of His Grace.

We won't see any cracking in two of the Host when he says the words AND HE BROKE THE BREAD when His Grace is present - that happens every day of the year except when the Big Bugs visit because he knows it is NOT the correct procedure at that point of the Mass but he does so like it for special effects because like any actor when he says the words the "mike" picks up the CRACKING sound of the host being broken!

Do you think RTE need to be booked to let these boys bask in their self made glory on that day???

The sickening display of two hypocrites will have to be seen to be believed, and the SHOW WILL GO ON AT THE PARISH AS BEFORE.

God help us all. Now the PP has got the STAMP OF APPROVAL from His Grace - what more needs to be said.
The more injustices you perpetrate against others the higher the rewards you get. His Grace has given up his Sunday to come out and Grace our Parish with his Presence.

Bully for us.

A Very Disillusioned Parishioner said...

BEGGING BOWLS ARE OUT AGAIN at Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Bray.

The Parish Website must set an all time record for begging for our money this week.

1. Parish Canvass Packs - if by chance any of us have been missed out getting this expensively produced glossy pack looking for our hard earned cash we are told they can be picked up at the back of the Church!!

2. Family Offering Envelopes - we are asked to contribute to this collection (or by Bank draft) if we are not already doing so. - Purpose of the Canvass above was to have you sign up to this or INCREASE your contribution!!!

3. Join Parish Roof refurbishment fundraising by paying €40 for a table of 4 at Table Quiz May 21.

4. Get ticket for Concert in the refurbished Church for July 1 in aid of same fund - no price of tickets BUT THEY WON'T BE CHEAP BE ASSURED!!!!

5. Join the Diminishing Coffee Mornings that last 9 weeks again for same fund!!!!

6. Buy a CD of our Church choir at €10 a pop for same fund!!!

7. May 23 special farewell Mass for Curate Fr. Finbarr where he will be given a Parish Presentation and IF YOU WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH SAID GIFT DROP YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN TO THE PARISH OFFICE IN AN ENVELOPE. We are sure most Parishioners would prefer to give Fr. Finbarr their own individual gifts and cards and the Parish Church if it was not in the dire financial straights that Fr. White Parish Priest has got it into with his LARGE renovation plans could well afford their own gift from the Church itself. I doubt said gift would contain a list of those ASSOCIATED with it and it is a rather pointed and unfair thing to do for those who may not be able financially to contribute and therefore their names would be left off the list.

That is S-E-V-E-N requests for your money in this Parish and all of these events won't even be over and the

"MIDSUMMER DUES ENVELOPES" will hit your doormat looking to squeeze another few Euro out of you.

Can any other Parish beat this one for the BEGGING BOWL????

I guess if Diarmuid Martin would not throw money out to Bray (a very wise decision on his part when all the work was NOT NECESSARY) and maybe AIB were not forthcoming with a FAT loan being in such dire straights themselves, the Parish Priest has to wring the last drop of life blood or Euros out of us all to pay for his folly.

Vote with your closed wallets.

A Very Disillusioned Catholic said...

Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray's refurbished Church opened TEMPORARILY today for Masses and First Communions. Next week we are back to what the locals have christened 'the tin box'. Main Church will open next weekend again - nobody knows if permanently or not!!

The biggest surprise of all is that the repainting in Magnolia (cream) and Terracotta are the EXACT colours the former Parish Secretary picked to decorate the Parish Office when it was extended and she was given carte blanche with the decoration. Now if the PP remembered THAT he would probably go back and paint the Church in Barbie Pink and Illuminous Green just so there were no reminders - as the Terracotta has been taken OFF the Parish Office walls now - they are all cream (rather than 2 of each colour).

What do they say copying is THE BEST COMPLIMENT. Our former Secretary had good taste. Now the Church is in HER chosen colours!!

The same cannot be said for the awful looking "chicken wire" that now surrounds the beautiful Tabernacle on the back wall of the Altar.

Also the new sound system I am sure purchased at great expense makes everyone sound like a croaky frog so what was there previously was a lot better.

Lets hope everything is improved in time for His Grace coming out to GRACE THE PARISH with his presence on June 7.

Actually while the terracotta colour looked wonderful at the back of the Altar it 'clashed' with the Tomato Red face of the Parish Priest during Mass. What a pity. The walls are fine - it is the Parish Priest that needs changing.

Watch this space for further updates.

Surprise too the SHARE collection went way DOWN this week while the Outdoor collection went way UP.

Could it be that as Share did not contribute to the renovations strangely the contributions from the Parish TO SHARE are now going to take a nosedive to pay for it in a round-a-bout way?????

You heard it here first...........