Friday, July 21, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (2)

Well, here we go again calling out more of Mr Buckleys misdemeanours....of which we will be doing aplenty in time to come...

As you may all remember, we published a post here just 2 days ago, in relation to the effect of questioning the credibility - or otherwise, of Mr Buckleys blog....and with very good reason.

So now, we wish to put it directly to Mr Buckley...

1) The blog posting of July 9th 2023 on your blog - why has it disappeared?

2) Who removed it?

3) Was it removed by you?

4) If not you, then whom?

5) Why?

6) Was someone instructed to remove it?

7) If so, by whom?

8) If not, why?

9) Was it a fake 'report'?

10) Did you check its veracity before publishing?

11) Was it recieved by you, as claimed, via 'a comment'?

12) If that is so, why has the post disappeared since circa 2130hrs on Wednesday 19th July 2023, and the comments (86) left in place?

13) Are these comments trustworthy?

14) Is this the first time that you have placed rather questionable posts on your blog?

Take notice Mr Buckley that we are now working on a rather large exposé of you and your blog, and will be challenging you on your claim to be an 'honest journalist' in a very direct and evidence-based way in the not so distant future!! 

We are going to be challenging you in such a way as never before, and you better make sure you are ready....because we as sure as Hell are!!

You have claimed that you would correct anything you put on your blog...and this is just some evidence of that claim you have oft repeated....

- - On March 26th 2023, and we quote a comment left on your blog, using the last line of that comment, where you are asked

'Have you the courage of your convictions?'

And you reply...

I have.

If I wronged you I will, if you wish, correct it here and give you a full apology. (unquote).

You better start writing those apologies Mr Buckley, and as for courage of your convictions, well the term convictions may yet hold more meaning for you than you know!!