Monday, December 01, 2008

Parish In Bray (5)

We are hearing a lot on the news about FAS and its financial crisis and corruptions.

What about the other aspect of FAS - the programmes they sponsor on Church premises with CE (Community Employment) staff and a FAS Supervisor interviewed and employed by the Church and put in charge of young girls working on the scheme.

There is a Church on the Southside that had a male FAS Supervisor employed by the Parish Priest there for some years.

This Supervisor had his own hand written S & M porn in the Parish Filing Cabinets of the FAS Office, sexually harassed a female member of staff after her separation and also used the Parish Secretary's computer (the only one connected to the Internet) to send his girlfriend very risque messages which meant interrupting her work to let him use her computer.

(He was a married man living at home with his wife at this time).

Complaints were made firstly by the Parish Secretary who showed the Parish Priest the porn etc., and secondly by a FAS CE scheme employee who had to work in the same room as this man.

The complaint was made to the Parish Priest in July 2005. The FAS Supervisor was due to retire at age 65 in June 2006. He should have been suspended or fired for what he was doing on Church premises working in a room with all young girls.

Two months after the Secretary complained to the Parish Priest she lost her job. The man who had the porn and did the harassment and sent risque emails using Parish computer did not even retire a year later in June 2006 at age 65 he got a further years Contract from the Parish Priest to stay on for a further year until June 2007 on his 66th birthday.

With all the scandals in the Catholic Church why would the Parish Priest allow this man to continue working there in Church premises?

I have always maintained that the Supervisor had some bargaining chip to keep his job.

When unfair dismissal hearing came up Parish Priest with hand on bible denied that the Secretary had told him about the porn yet later said he had asked her to put it back in the safe!!

He was also questioned about his private life for a lengthy period which was part of the reason the Secretary was dismissed as she knew too much.

All of this was stricken from the record of the hearing transcript handed out to the newspapers which meant there was NOTHING DAMAGING TO THE PARISH PRIEST OR THE CHURCH in the newspaper reports.

On the other hand lies and untruths about the Secretary were left in the reports in spite of clearance reports and letters being available to all but not accepted by the Church.

Writer has a letter signed by the top man in FAS Waterford admitting that the FAS Supervisor had the porn but that the employer the Parish Priest had taken care of the problem after legal advice.

The way the Parish Priest took care of the problem was to REWARD the man with the porn with a further 2 years working in the Parish in order to keep the job open at that time for a personal friend (unqualified for the job) who would take over at that time.

FAS have admitted verbally from Waterford that THEY WERE NOT ASKED TO SIT IN ON THE INTERVIEWS FOR THIS MAN'S REPLACEMENT and the lady who got the managerial high profile job at the Parish was previously a table tennis and sports teacher plus supermarket garage employee so it was jobs for the pals time.

FAS left it up to the Parish Priest to do as he liked with the money paid over to the Church and to run the FAS scheme as he saw fit which obviously means having staff on the premises who have porn, harass others with risque remarks, and unqualified supervisors!!!

With all of this going on the FAS scheme at the Parish which is a money cow for them should have been withdrawn long ago. Why is it still there?

When the Parish Priest unfairly dismissed the Parish Secretary for 7 months he ILLEGALLY put FAS CE staff in to her job which is not allowed under FAS rules.

This man thinks he is God and can lord it over all.


The Parish Priest is Fr. Larry White.

FAS letter can be seen on Indymedia regarding the porn. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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