Monday, June 05, 2023

CWI : Operation Laonia (10)

CWI : Operation Laonia

Further to our accusation (albeit clearly evidenced and indeed established) that Bishop Fintan Monahan is indeed a liar, we will now go further in relation with our ongoing investigation into the See of Killaloe.

Bullying seems to be as rampant in this Diocese as does Fintans intentions to laicise as many priests as he can, and this is certainly notable in the parish office in Ennis where Fr Tom 'Franny' Ryan seems intent on continuing in his bullying ways towards the staff  in aformentioned parish office. 

Not only is it rampant there, but also within the episcopal walls of Westbourne itself where Fintan holds sway - and his ongoing bullying ways towards clergy needs to be investigated by Rome at the very least.

Again, we offer any and all evidence to the Nuncio if he so decides to carry out an investigation.

If not, then we here in CW will not be found wanting in going public with names, dates etc, and then let it take what course it will thereafter.

Also, to you Fintan - directly - why did you lie in that statement issued to the priests of the diocese (or what is left of them at any rate) - of which we have a copy - and give yet again a false narrative of the matters of laicisation?

It is not the first time you have blatantly lied in respect of one of these priests as we referenced before ( when you hitched up the ould cassock and ran to Ennis Garda Station and bore false witness against a priest....looks like some habits die very hard Fintan.

Indeed, not satisfied with destroying the name, reputation and standing of your priests Fintan, you are now hell-bent on having another 2 of them petition Rome (unbeknownst to them perhaps) and having them laicisied also - or at least bully them into it as per your usual modus operandi.

So, why have you not sought the laicisation of the priest who was criminally convicted for public wanking Fintan...remember him??

Same said priest floating around Ennis, going where he wishes, photocopying above in the parish office, much to the discomfort of those there (already being bullied by Franny Ryan), and God help anyone who raises concern about his presence.

We are of course making reference to the civilly criminally convicted wanker, Jerry Carey.

Will you 'volunteer' him for laicisation or will he continue to be funded by the Diocese, a Diocese you claim is financially strapped, so much so that the sale of the land at Saint Flannans is vital for the future survival of the See of Killaloe?

That sale will come in very handy indeed Fintan, if nothing else to settle the massive legal cases you have brought about for the diocese, and again, we will publish EVERYTHING in that regard Fintan - everything that you chose to ignore to suit your own agenda.

And as for that corrupt entity - Priests Advisory Council -  stuffed with your own 'yes' people - how much truth have you actually given to them Fintan? Or will they only realise how much you have lied to them via Clerical Whispers?

What are you going to do Fintan when the truth, and its accompanying, verifiable, evidence becomes public?  

Have a fainting spell?

You won't be on your own in that regard when it does happen Fintan, and what may not be dropping after that is the money into the collection baskets once the faithful of the Diocese of Killaloe see you for what you really are....a liar and a bully!!

And just to advise you Fintan, for legal purposes, everything and anything published here has been verified, evidenced, notarised and rests very safely and securely with our own solicitors.

So if you wish to consider any possible future legal action - we would indeed welcome it, if nothing else to burst the boil that you have become on the arse of the Diocese of Killaloe.