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CWI : The Oratory Society (2)

In the last few weeks and days since the passing of Patrick Buckley, we here in CW have been fielding emails and telephone calls from so many, many people who are still coming to terms with his passing, and this is understandable given how sudden many feel his passing may have been.

In the midst of all this is the realisation that he is gone, and behind him there lies a trail of hurt, slander, lies, defammation, HIV infected men...and that, as we have said before, is just a small insight into who Patrick Buckley really was.

And why do we find ourselves repeating what we have already posted?

As part of the incoming communications we have received, it seems that some people feel that we are trying to 'do down' Patrick Buckley and his alleged 'good deeds', even going so far as to accuse us of carrying out a witch hunt against him, and by extension, those who love(d) him.

By its own definition, a witch hunt is, and we quote 'a campaign directed against a person or group holding views considered unorthodox or a threat to society.' (unquote)

To give it some modern meaning or use, (quote) 'a witch hunt

metaphorically means an investigation that is usually conducted with much publicity, supposedly to uncover subversive activity, disloyalty, and so on, but with the real purpose of harming opponents. It can also involve elements of moral panic, as well as mass hysteria.' (unquote)

We would now like to take this opportunity to address some of these concerns raised with us, in a very direct manner to those who are best placed to account for such, as follows

Pat Buckley's partner breaks silence ...

Eduardo Yanga

So, let us firstly deal with the definition of a witch hunt - and we wish to specifically direct these questions to the allegedly celibate partner/husband of Patrick Buckley, namely Eduardo Yanga 

We are led to believe by many who have been in touch with us, that you hold the opinion that CW is carrying out a witch hunt against your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley. 

1. It is regrettable that you would wish to confuse truth with a witch hunt, and in that vein, can you please identify to us here in CW how you believe we have carried out this alleged witch hunt against your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley?

We would not like to think that we would slander or defame your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley, and unlike him, we would always seek to correct the record if so found to have done.

2. Were you not aware of his own blogspot and what was being published thereon? 

Of course you were, and that is why within 24 hours of his passing, you made damn sure to get it taken down for fear of impending legal action...and you couldn't be having that as you are the Executor of his estate.

The last thing you would want to happen there is the loss of any monies due to so many wishing to sue for slander, defammation etc which was published on an ongoing basis on that blogspot.

That blogspot was the epitome of what constitutes a witch hunt, and most certainly not this blogspot which your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley attempted to shut down because, for him, it represented, and we quote, '
a campaign directed against a person or group holding views considered unorthodox or a threat to society.' (unquote), namely him and his deviant and vile behaviour towards innocent others.

It was a blogspot, the contents of which merited no end of investigation by 2 police forces and Interpol, alongside God knows how many visits from the PSNI (who most certainly had the patience of Job in dealing with him), and even then he still tried to shut us down for pointing this out on this forum.

3. Do you not accept that the hurt, pain, contemplated suicides, loss of jobs, loss of potential jobs etc that he caused via his blogspot against innocent people was by every definition, a witch hunt?

By your own failure to acknowledge and admit such, you are far more complicit in this grave injustice your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley perpetrated than others who also stayed silent and allowed it to continue for so many years.

4. Before, and since the passing of your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley, we here in CW were investigating him for quite some time in relation to his alleged sexual prowess and resultant infecting of 53 (to date) men, and this was done under the CW Investigation : Operation Easpag.

Were you aware at any time of his sexual deviancy?


Were you aware of his HIV status when you and he met?

Were you aware of how many men he had infected?


Do you even care?

5. Now that your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley has passed, and you are the Executor of what remains of his estate, will you be declaring to His Majesty Revenue & Customs (HMRC) what monies we know he did not declare to HMRC and pay to HMRC what was not paid?

6. Your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley, was supposed to keep the accounts for The Oratory Society, but what else did he keep that may not be declared in those accounts?

7. Will you engage with the General Register Office Northern Ireland (GRONI) to sort out the paperwork that your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley failed to do, but had no problem taking the money for - in cash of course?

We are well aware of many couples who were most certainly advised that they were married in the eyes of the (Northern) State, yet never received their certificate to verify such a claim made by Patrick Buckley. 

These couples do have evidence to this effect, as indeed do we ourselves.

8. Our offer to meet with you stands - for now - and despite our knowing that you may not take us up on that, it remains with you to decide.

We say 'for now' as we are also aware of possible impending legal action, and we do not wish to jepordise such action by being involved / engaged with you with ongoing legal action.

And now, we continue on with our questions to the person who is now, by all accounts, the Vicar General of The Oratory Society....


Paul Creaner

1. As you now have assumed the role as Vicar General of The Oratory Society, will you be attempting to clean up the mess left behind by Patrick Buckley?

If so, how do you plan to do it?

2. Will you be making contact with all those he maligned with his on-going witch hunts for years, and apologise to them as Vicar General of The Oratory Society?

Will you be issuing a public apology to them?

Will you meet them?

3. Do you believe that by his death, and the removal of the blogspot etc, that any obligation towards these maligned innocents is now forfeit?

If you do, Mr Creaner, then regrettably that will not be allowed to happen.

Just because Patrick Buckley is dead (Deo Gratias) does not mean that the damage, hurt, slander etc he caused in life, has also departed from the lives of those whom he hurt...and you as the Vicar General of The Oratory Society need to accept and acknowledge such actions of your predecessor.

If you fail to do so, then they, through us here in CW, will not fail to remind you....and all will be evidenced for your benefit Mr Creaner.

4. Will The Oratory Society, under your 'guidance' now be taking a different, non-combative, non-slanderous, and more honest approach than that of Patrick Buckley heretofore?

5. Would you be willing to meet with those who were slandered, defamed, hurt, angered and deceived by Patrick Buckley via his website, blogspots, X account and Facebook accounts?

6. Would you be willing to meet with us here in CW? 

We are not anti-The Oratory Society, Mr Creaner, but rather the actions that your predecessor executed against so many innocents and failed to accept his wrong in doing such.

We remain open to engaging with you, and ask that you give it due consideration.

7. Would you be open to working with us as we continue to investigate financial misconduct by your predecessor?

8. Would you be open to working with us as we engage with those who were deceived by your predecessor in matters pertaining to matters marital and financial (combined)?

9. You recently officiated at a wedding ceremony in The Oratory - did you comply with all legal requirements in so doing as laid down by the (Northern State)?

10. Did you make full financial disclosure to HMRC?

11. Who made the decision to declare Patrick Buckley as an Archbishop? 

Who was going to officiate at any such ceremony which would result in him being declared as an Archbishop?

12. Do you believe that CW is carrying out a witch hunt against your predecessor by asking very relevant questions about his almost psycophantic behaviour online via his blogspot?

13. Did you agree with Patrick Buckley and his many failed attempts to shut us down, so as he could then continue in his psychophantic publishings?

14. Will you now continue where Patrick Buckley failed, and try to shut us down just because we dare to publish the truth?

15. Are you in touch with the Southern Sidekick, and is she still supportive of The Oratory Society? (Defer to Operation Ainmhian for that one)

We ask these questions because you have failed to answer those we posted before, and would hope that you may take your head out from under the mitre you will now not receive, and maybe start dealing with the past before you even try to move forward.

We would like to assure you that we remain open to hearing from you, and meeting with you, at any time.



Eagarthóir / Editor