Monday, October 23, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (12)

Regrettably, there is an article which we here in CW cannot, as of yet, publish - but it is in holding for future posting and will be CWI : Operation Ainmhian (13)...

And it is very much related to a telephone call that Mr Buckley had on 31st March 2023, and we have a copy of it to hand...and it is very much related to aforementioned CWI : Operation Ainmhian (13)...which will be evident once full.

It does bring us back to you Mr Buckley, and your continued failure to answer any of the questions posed to you so far such as in Operation Latharna 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 and we even offered you the chance to meet with us and others in Dublin so we could iron out a 'few' of your lies...and you remain silent.

And we would like to ask another question of you Mr Buckley, and it is how did you fund your little jolly to Crete?

You may say that is none of our business, but seeing as you blog about everyone else and their matters financial, we would like to invite you to account (pardon the pun) for your spending.

And no doubt, you will fail to answer us yet again.

Don't worry Mr Buckley, you will have to yet account for yourself...and not just financially!!