Monday, September 11, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (7)

 CWI : Operation Latharna

Mr Buckley, we know that you are adverse to the truth and will attempt to deflect from your own misbehaviour at any was recently evidenced on your own blog.

But this will not stop us Mr Buckley, so here we go with a few more questions for you...and unlike yourself, we have EVIDENCE of your malevolent and duplicitous behaviour in this regard...

1. Why are you attempting to contact someone who has no wish or desire to engage with you?

2. Why are you attempting to contact same said person through deceitful means?

3. Why are you attempting to contact same said person through their workplace?

4. Why are you claiming that you would remove any and all false and misleading information about him from your blog, but then failing to do so?

5. Why did you claim that you were (quote) falsely accused of sham marriages (unquote) when the world and its mother knows otherwise, and you also admitted to such?

6. Why, on 14th August last, did you attempt to contact this person through their workplace?

7. Is is not true, that through your blog comments section, that you also sought the whereabouts of this person, and whether he was dead or alive?

8. Is it not true that you pulled ths same stunt with another cleric, and when they rang to advise you otherwise, that you then bombarded them with questions about another priest?

No doubt you will get your Southern Sidekick AKA Gickna, to do more site scraping to see what can be dug up so as to try to project on this posting.

Maybe it would be easier to address these questions in Dublin, Mr Buckley?