Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Parish in Bray (3)

The Priest - Fr Tony Flannery - is 100% clued in to what is happening in our Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray at least when he states the following:-

"and priests are still allowed to act in a dictatorial fashion without any repercussion from, and indeed in some cases with the approval of, their bishop.''

''I have met with numerous instances where enthusiastic lay involvement in a parish was summarily scattered by a new parish priest among the laity, who increasingly did not see the point in giving of their time and expertise when all the power remains in the hands of the priest who can ignore them as he chooses.''

Our Parish Priest has put people out of the Parish Council and the Liturgy Group on a personal whim because you were no longer one of his favoured yes men or women.

While looking for new Eucharistic Ministers to volunteer again he turned down perfect candidates who qualified 100% from the point of view of being a practising Catholic, doing weekly adoration in the Church for 15 years, in the Pioneer Association and also willing to attend the training course and give their time.

Again if you are not in favour you are like the dust beneath his feet.

In the almost 3 years since the last recruitment when I was turned down he went and personally PESTERED people to become Ministers when others left, gave up or died as he would not advertise in case the Lepers in the Parish might apply again!!!

Some were annoyed with the approach not having the time or interest but a few did sign up and had small personal training and are now there in the Church for several months but those who wanted to be Ministers over 3 years ago are still ignored by this UNHOLY PRIEST.

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Sotto Voce

(Source: PVT)