Thursday, September 21, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (9)

CWI : Operation Latharna

An 'Anonymous' posting on Mr Buckleys blog, on September 19, 2023 at 3.06pm reads as follows, and we quote...

Fair play to you, Bishop (sic) Pat, for your honesty and humility here. If you were a Roman Catholic bishop, you'd bury the mistake and never, ever apologise. (unquote)

Well, that in itself is an untrue comment, and well Mr Buckley knows it, and we referred to this in previous postings here, here and here.

You, Mr Buckley, are in possession of an email which gives lie to so many of your (almost 100) postings on your blog over the last almost 2 years.

And so are we in possession of same said email.

Yet you will not either admit to having such an email, and neither will you publicise it or its contents.

We all know why, don't we Mr Buckley...and we now take this opportunity to remind you of the following...

- - On March 26th 2023, and we quote a comment left on your blog, using the last line of that comment, where you are asked

'Have you the courage of your convictions?'

And you reply...

I have.

If I wronged you I will, if you wish, correct it here and give you a full apology. (unquote).

You better start writing those apologies Mr Buckley, and as for courage of your convictions, well the term convictions may yet hold more meaning for you than you know!!