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Over the last few days, we have dealt with some enquiries to this blogspot in relation to the passing of Patrick Buckley, and if nothing else, it has given us cause to reflect on some of the conversations / emails / messages we have received here in CW.

Much of this has been on what he published, and then it became a conversation about how let down people were when they attempted to get attention drawn to what was being published about them.

It then became a matter of identifying where the failure lay in addressing how it was that Patrick Buckley could publish, slander, libel, defame etc and get away with it unchecked for so long, and it can be said that the following organisations / entities have a lot of questions to answer....

....and those who were, and are, in effect, victims of the evil rantings of Patrick Buckley need answers from you all as to why you failed them when they so badly needed your help...


Throughout the time since his passing, very little mention was made of him except in relation to his actual passing and nothing else - until the recent 'love-in' interview with his partner/husband Eduardo Yanga.

He was always a headline maker for the media, even as part of it when he was with the now defunct 'News Of The World' rag, and he knew how to sensationalise a situation just to grab the headlines.

This was most evident when he created his 'Thinking Catholicism' blogspot, and after that, then his own self-named blogspot, neither now in existence due to his doing us all the greatest favour by dying.

However, during the time of those blogspots, he published nothing but untruths and slander, defammatory comments were published under the articles,  and if there was no story, he created one, and in doing so destroyed so many reputations and lives.

And throughout all of this, the media, clergy and indeed others, remained silent and allowed him to continue with his vile and deviant postings - except us.

When we did start to publish in relation to him, and ask questions of him and his behaviour - on so many levels -  he tried to get us shut down by making further untrue allegations against us, but yet we persisted and won our right to free speech and publish again.

Down through those years, not just for us here in CW, but for all of those who have been hurt, slandered etc by his perverse postings, there was no journalist / media engaging with us to help get to the truth of what was being published.

Now, upon his passing, some are scrambling to get the information we have - information given to us in trust and confidence by those affected.

Due to the failure of some media to help when it was most needed, those hurt by Patrick Buckley no longer trust many 'journos' or their respective papers, and that was never more evident than when we had a situation in relation to a 'journo' seeking information from us earlier this week.

Let us say directly to this 'journo' - your supposition to us that the allegations may just be malicious is nothing less than a total display of contempt for, and ignorance of, the truth.

We have worked with people who have provided us with hard and fast evidence in relation to everything claimed against Patrick Buckley on this site, and indeed we also liaise with their respective legal representatives with certain information which may be pertinent to their potential case.

So, why did none of you 'journos' think that checking out what he was publishing merited investigation? 

You have the resources that we do not have, but yet we could get the trust and confidence of people, alongside so much evidence, to verify all we claimed and published here.

Why did you fail to do your jobs?


There were / are issues of failure on the part of An Garda Síochána, or at least many members approached in seeking help to sort out what was going on - and the responses from those members who failed to help stands as nothing less than a disgrace to the force in this regard.

The usual response of it being a civil matter no longer cuts the mustard, especially since Coco's Law came into effect in January 2021 (link here for those members who failed to be of any useful help so as to acquaint themselves with THEIR lawful obligations to those impacted) and maybe the Garda Commissioner and the Minister for Justice would care to ask GSOC to take an interest in getting an investigation into the failure of those officers to do their jobs.

Those members who did not fail to act stand as a credit to An Garda Síochána, and deserve to be acknowledged for their dedication and support to those who approached them, and we would be only happy to do so at the appropriate juncture.

- PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) -

In relation to the PSNI, nothing but praise can be heard into how they were dealing with Patrick Buckley, and we can but be in awe of their committment and determination to resolve each issue raised in relation to aforementioned Patrick Buckley. 


The bishops, of all rankings, also failed to do anything - except throw students under their own episcopal bus just so as to save their own episcopal rears - and in the process took the word of Patrick Buckley as gospel and lost many a good priest by doing so.

There is many a mile to go in this particular story with a bishop or two in our direct sights, and we refer to Operation Ainmhian and Operation Laonia in particular in this regard.


We cannot forget Word Press and indeed Google for their continued failure to heed warnings about Patrick Buckley and moreso his blogspots.

Even when he was trying to get us shut down because we dared to publish the truth about him, Google decided to believe him first, shut us down, and then give us the chance to respond.

We had no problem with that, but it became very clear, very quickly, to Google who was telling the actual truth and they had no choice but to re-instate us, much to the chagrin of Patrick Buckley.

Word Press - what a disgrace.

You allowed him to publish what he did, despite the protestations of so many that he tried to destroy, and not until it became almost too late did you step back and realise the legal consquences coming your way.

Bit too little, way too late.


And finally, those in The Oratory Society have a lot to account for in allowing him to publish as he wished...and despite any attempt to say that he, as a blogger, was seperate from him being the head of The Oratory Society would not wash in any court of law.

Which is why the blogspots, and all associated socia media accounts were removed so quickly after his death, so as to ensure The Oratory Society would not end up liable for it all.

If, as has been claimed, that The Oratory Society and Patrick Buckley were not interlinked in any way, why did the blogs etc disappear?

On his LinkedIn account, it is very clear that under his name he advises that he is a Catholic bishop, The Oratory, Larne - same said person who proudly boasted of his being the owner of the blogspot...same said person in both situations - same liability.

You knew what he was publishing and you allowed him to do so, and barely dead, ye removed everything knowing how wrong it was and how legally liable The Oratory Society would be.

Is that not correct Eduardo? Paul?

* In general, with the very rare exceptions as highlighted above, there were systemic failures on the part of so so many which allowed Patrick Buckley to continue as he did for so long, wreaking havoc, spreading poisonous lies and untruths.

And all sat back letting him do so.

Well, perhaps now the time has come for all to reap what they have sown in this regard.

Any maybe, just maybe, make sure that it does not happen again.



Eagarthóir / Editor