Monday, February 16, 2009

Parish in Bray (20)

At last Diarmuid Martin takes his head out of the sand regarding Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Bray.

The Parish Priest had said the Church would be helped with the expense of his grandoise renovations by the SHARE collection fund but THANK GOD that has now been TURNED DOWN.

I think the Banks must have given him the THUMBS DOWN also because he is now talking about FUNDRAISING to the tune of €400,000. What a hoot from a man who lives in his own sad little world of dreams.

In this economic climate people are not contributing they are trying to scrape up enough cash to pay their day to day living expenses and not have their homes repossessed due to being unable to pay their mortgages so if this (supposed) man of God had the wit of a 5 year old he would get the roof replaced which is required, update the confession box to the standard required for child protection and leave it at that.

All the other grandoise ideas from his cronies around him and his own can wait until he has left the Parish and someone who is a true Priest takes over, one that cares about his flock and their Church.

This stupid project of his was to start on JANUARY 12 when the Church closed and was locked and it still lies that way while we have Masses in the tin box on Parish Premises.

It is now due to start on FEBRUARY 24 which is 6 weeks behind schedule with the rent of said shipping containers and tin box Church costing us an arm and leg for all this time.

The Archbishop did half his job turning down the SHARE donation but if he had done his job right he would have said NO WAY FATHER (SIC!) WHITE you get your roof fixed and child protection confessional and that is all.

Here is the latest from the Parish Website - at last the little man had to come clean on the plans after we have waited 6 weeks to hear (does he feel smaller yet - he ought to - his dictatorship has been dealt a nice little blow and it won't be the last - his misdeeds are slowly catching up with him - yipeeee!!!)

"Repairs & Refurbishment to the Church - Due to the commencement of the work on Monday 24th February, parking in the Church grounds will be severely restricted.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Our project has been reduced in scale due to the economic climate and the unavailability of financial support from the Diocesan SHARE Fund. Works to be carried out will be under Health & Safety and Liturgical guidelines.

The tendered budget is €643,065.

As we have raised quite a substantial amount our fundraising target €400,000. We hope to complete the project by the end of April.

The Parish Canvass will take place over the next few weeks.

If you can help, please give your name to any of the priests this weekend, or come to the meeting next Thursday night 19th February at 7.30pm in the Villa.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you."

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(Source: FF/PVT)

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Anonymous said...


The Parish Priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray got his nice flashy glossy begging folder printed saying he was getting an interest free loan from the Share Diocesan fund only to be SLAPPED DOWN for that and had to put in a little tatty paper insert to say financial support from same was unavailable.

Seems he jumps the gun and makes bad decisions about almost EVERYTHING in his Parish. Building to start - delayed 6 weeks. Gates to be locked - now open.

Has the BRASS NECK to put in print in the glossy folder going around with the BEGGING bank forms etc., that "The Villa" our Parish centre HAS BECOME A MEETING PLACE OF HOSPITALITY AND WELCOME, REACHING OUT, INCLUSIVENESS.


You are ONLY welcome if you are a cronie, best friend, major subscriber to the Parish, can be used to network, golfing buddy etc.

If you have nothing to offer, won't fawn over the Parish Priest then you enter at your peril to be ignored or insulted or both.

Our HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR goes on to state

"THE CHURCH ON THE HILL" IS A CHURCH OF WELCOME, HOPE, COMFORT, etc. Again LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. You are NOT WECOME, YOU ARE NOT GIVEN COMFORT, YOU ARE NOT GIVEN HOPE unless you are one of the above cronies, best pals, major contributors.

This is a Parish run by a LITTLE HITLER, SADDAM DICTATOR who gets his kicks by playing the role of a PARISH PRIEST in his ROBES OF OFFICE swanning around like an actor in a play. All he does has no depth, no meaning, it is just a facade, an act to fool the Masses. This man has no heart no caring, he trained as a psychotherapist to use, manipulate and abuse others to get what he wants from them and then discards them.

Archbishop Martin has been fooled by his PSYCHO-SPEAK like his followers.

He is a nasty piece of work but with luck his ultimate Boss is keeping a record of his misdeeds.

Peggy's too for aiding and abetting him throughout the years.

Let them await their just rewards in due course.