The Catholic Church leaders said the current situation has left the West African country at the mercy of non-state actors who not only kill but also terrorize.

“Unfortunately, the people are yet to find hope in the present administration’s ability or desire to tackle the many problems that have bedeviled our dear country,” the Catholic Bishops said. 

In the face of the challenges, CBCN members have encouraged the people of God in Africa’s most populous nation to take refuge in the light of Christ.

“Like the people of God in the Scriptures, Nigerians should be assured that, though they live in darkness now, they will see a great light from God (cf. Isaiah 9:2). And as the psalmist says ‘weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5)’”, they said.

The Catholic Bishops added “We are very hopeful, that, by God’s grace, peace, joy and happiness will be restored to this nation soon. But we all must desire and work towards it.”

They said that Nigeria is created great and abundantly blessed in all ramifications and therefore Nigerians need to “work together to make it good consciously.”

“If all good people rise and contribute acts and words of goodness to the national equation, the light will surely dispel the darkness because evil is the absence of good, just as darkness is the absence of light,” Catholic Bishops in Nigeria said.

Nigerians need to embrace righteousness as “sin diminishes any people”, the Catholic Bishops said, adding that the power to save Nigeria lies in the hands of Nigerians themselves.

At the press Conference, CBCN members also spoke about the planned conference at the CSN and requested support to enable its success.

“This Conference will focus on the theme: Citizens’ Participation in Good Governance in Nigeria. As usual, we count on your support to bring the resolutions of the Conference to the front burner,” they said.