Sunday, December 10, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (16)

CWI : Operation Latharna 

As 2023 comes to its end, and as we brace ourselves for whatever 2024 may yet bring, we wish to now put more questions to Mr Buckley, bearing in mind his failure - thus far - to answer them heretofore.


11th September 2023 - 'Adversity to Truth' Post

1. Why are you attempting to contact someone who has no wish or desire to engage with you?

2. Why are you attempting to contact same said person through deceitful means?

3. Why are you attempting to contact same said person through their workplace?

4. Why are you claiming that you would remove any and all false and misleading information about him from your blog, but then failing to do so?

5. Why did you claim that you were (quote) falsely accused of sham marriages (unquote) when the world and its mother knows otherwise, and you also admitted to such?

6. Why, on 14th August last, did you attempt to contact this person through their workplace?

7. Is is not true, that through your blog comments section, that you also sought the whereabouts of this person, and whether he was dead or alive?

8. Is it not true that you pulled ths same stunt with another cleric, and when they rang to advise you otherwise, that you then bombarded them with questions about another priest?

No doubt you will get your Southern Sidekick AKA Gickna, to do more site scraping to see what can be dug up so as to try to project on this posting.

Maybe it would be easier to address these questions in Dublin, Mr Buckley?


22nd october 2023 - The 'Victim Credibility' Post 

Mr Buckley, just a few more questions for you, especially in light of this....

1. Do you still condone, and consider to be vulnerable, a woman who prefers botox treatment over her childrens wellbeing?

2. Do you still, having viewed the transcript of a recording presented in legal evidence, consider this woman to be vulnerable?

3. Would you care to comment on the contents of that transcript? She gets even...were you aware of this? Did you encourage, counsel or facilitate this in any way?

4. Were you aware of the child benefit payments made? They were double.

5. Do you condone this behaviour?

6. When the woman said that she gets botox delivered to her house, she followed that statement with a question - So?

Do you condone this contempt?

7. Did you ever, personally, or on behalf of the Oratory Society, receive money from this woman at any time? If so, did you declare it? If not, can you prove such?

8. Was your recent jaunt to Greece and Crete paid or contributed to financially by this woman, at the expense of her husband and children having food?

9. Is there anything else you wish to contribute before this really gets out there Mr Buckley?

We have reached out and invited Mr Buckley, and his Southern Sidekick (when next at her pro-Israel gathering in Dublin) to drop over to us at our solicitors office and we would be only too happy to meet up.

We would also be more than happy to produce every piece of mounting evidence we have to counter every single false, unvouched and blatant untruths published thus far on your blogspot.