Monday, September 14, 2009

Parish In Bray (26)

Word seems to be circulating in the Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray that a date has been set for Parish Priest Fr. Laurence (Larry) White to MOVE ON..................

At the moment "those in the know" have heard from his "confidante" in the workplace that he will be MOVING ON................a year 'earlier' than that given to him when he was installed as Parish Priest for 9 years - 7 years ago!!!!

This looks like he has already received his "walking papers" and now the clock is ticking - tick, tock, tick, tock to the relief of MANY in the Parish until September 2010 (instead of 2011).

The way things are going it could quite possibly mean that this Unfair Dismissal case will still be haunting him LONG after he has left the Parish at the rate things are going with hearings and appeals and LONG waits in between.

What a depressing thought and what a dreadful legacy for this Parish Priest to leave behind when he is finally RUN OUT OF TOWN.

He will forever be remembered in the Parish for nothing more than the BAD WAY HE HANDLED A SIMPLE SITUATION BECAUSE HE COULD NEVER SAY HE WAS WRONG AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

That just goes to show how being stubborn can put you in the history books.

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