Wednesday, August 31, 2022

CW Investigates : Operation Easpag (2)


Here in CW, we pride ourselves on keeping you all updated in relation to relevant matters, and Operation Easpag is one such case.

Today, Wednesday 31st August, 2022, we had a very fruitful and informative meeting with a person who is going to provide us with copies of notarised legal documentation, copies of which were sent to the bishop at the centre of this investigation, and these documents will straddle both Operations Easpag and Ainmhian.

Another meeting is scheduled with another person who was 'party' to some of the happenings as outlined in our opening post in relation to Operation Easpag.

Any and all information gathered will be checked out, verified and otherwise by our legal representatives, before we would even consider it for publication. 

This is done so as to ensure that it is published in such a way as to re-assure you of our committment to verifiable and validated information...i.e. truth and fact.

In light of recent happenings, we again here at CW wish to categorically state that Operation Easpag has NOTHING to do whatsoever in relation to the recent passing of a retired bishop in Ireland, on which we have already passed comment.

However, CW is conscious of the fact that the information that has been published in relation to this aformentioned deceased bishop contains very little truth, and even less evidence to verify it as having any fact associated with it.

Any further updates will continue to be published as is legally permitted.