Sunday, June 30, 2024

CWI : Operation TRUTH (6)

It is now 3 weeks today since we issued our invitation to Eduardo and indeed Creaner to meet with us here in CW - whether North or South, and regrettably, they have not taken us up on it.

One has to wonder why.

Yesterday, Saturday 29th June, 2024, one of our CW colleagues met with the 2 gentlemen who flew from America to make their own sworn affidavits to our solicitor in the North during the week, and the meeting certainly was an insight into Patrick Buckley in itself.

Both have sent emails, letters and attempted to speak by telelphone with Patrick Buckley down through the years, and indeed even as recently as Easter this year - only for Patrick Buckley to ignore them on a continuous basis. Any and all evidence of such attempts were lodged with the solicitor, and we have had sight of such also.

They are part of the group of 55 men who have made sworn affidavits, and lodged accompanying evidence, with our solictors North and South, and in doing so, want to ensure that the attempts by Eduardo and Creaner alike to present Patrick Buckley in an almost saintly fashion are countered with the truth.

Indeed, next weekend, a visit is going to be made to the Midlands by myself, another CW colleague and a specialist, to meet with those who have invited us to do so, in relation to another allegation that they wish to discuss with us.

This allegation will be joined with 2 others in the North of Ireland, namely in Antrim and Tyrone, similar in nature and seriousness, and would be deemed historical but yet relevant.

We would like to state publicly that we are of course, taking every legal step advised to us, to ensure that we do not jeopardise any potential legal action, and will continue to offer any support and outreach we can in such matters.

Also, we are also inviting those who have been in touch with us to consider whether they wish to speak with interested media outlets, which may then encourage others to come forward in relation to any possible maltreatment they may have experienced via Patrick Buckley.

We will continue to work with you all, remain available to you all, and support you all in any which way we can.

You are not alone in any of this.

Get in touch, and we will help.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Eagarthóir / Editor