Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parish In Bray (25)

We have been advised that a date has been set for this case to be heard - 27th October 2009 - a one day hearing in the Wicklow Circuit Court.

The appeal by Margaret O'Hehir against Father Larry White Parish Priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray County Wicklow to the decision of the Unfair Dismissal Hearing held in Dublin in July 2007 will take place in Wicklow Circuit Court on October 27th 2009.

At that time a counterclaim by Fr. Larry White will also be heard.

You can be assured of our interest in this matter, and indeed perhaps we might find out why An Garda Síochána failed to provide Ms O'Hehir and her solicitor with a copy of the 'search warrant' until 31st August (2 months later!!) which saw the heavy handedness of named members of the force - namely Detective Sergeant Eamon O'Neill, Detective John McDonnell and Cormac Walsh on Friday 26th June 2009.

Also, perhaps such aforementioned lackeys of Fr White might care to give a date as to when the confiscated property (legal questions still remain over this warrant and its execution) shall be returned and if the information gleaned will be used.

On another interesting note, alongside is apicture of Fr Larry White with HIS hand around Ms O'Hehir yet HE accuses her of erotomania...perhaps it should be deemed as eternal optimism on his part!!

He does not want this picture out in public but sometimes we do not get what we want in life and have to get on with it anyway!!!

We will be in the courthouse that day taking notes and pass them on here to you all.

In the interim, we sincerely wish Ms O'Hehir all the very best with this ongoing injustice and harassment which yet again proves the collusion of church and state in Ireland.

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