Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parish In Bray (25)

We have been advised that a date has been set for this case to be heard - 27th October 2009 - a one day hearing in the Wicklow Circuit Court.

The appeal by Margaret O'Hehir against Father Larry White Parish Priest of Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray County Wicklow to the decision of the Unfair Dismissal Hearing held in Dublin in July 2007 will take place in Wicklow Circuit Court on October 27th 2009.

At that time a counterclaim by Fr. Larry White will also be heard.

You can be assured of our interest in this matter, and indeed perhaps we might find out why An Garda Síochána failed to provide Ms O'Hehir and her solicitor with a copy of the 'search warrant' until 31st August (2 months later!!) which saw the heavy handedness of named members of the force - namely Detective Sergeant Eamon O'Neill, Detective John McDonnell and Cormac Walsh on Friday 26th June 2009.

Also, perhaps such aforementioned lackeys of Fr White might care to give a date as to when the confiscated property (legal questions still remain over this warrant and its execution) shall be returned and if the information gleaned will be used.

On another interesting note, alongside is apicture of Fr Larry White with HIS hand around Ms O'Hehir yet HE accuses her of erotomania...perhaps it should be deemed as eternal optimism on his part!!

He does not want this picture out in public but sometimes we do not get what we want in life and have to get on with it anyway!!!

We will be in the courthouse that day taking notes and pass them on here to you all.

In the interim, we sincerely wish Ms O'Hehir all the very best with this ongoing injustice and harassment which yet again proves the collusion of church and state in Ireland.

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Anonymous said...

It does'nt say much about the ''policies'' of the organisers of same V.P. when the likes of convicted embezzlers were given a free hand to run a 'STROKE CLUB' for people recovering from the 'throes of strokes'. Come in and have a cup o' tea and you may be assessed as to your viability, Viability for what pray tell? One could also go to and see the comments in relation to a local rogue solicitor (see the postings) who has his greedy eyes peeled on future business... Yes folks 'The Liar Maguire' aka Joe Maguire of 2 Main St Bray Co Wicklow not only is on a crusade to split families like an atom he seems to be as welcome as a summer breeze in the lands of The Queen Of Peace Church Putland Road Bray
County Wicklow....Oh in case i should forget (silly me)the convicted embezzler who robbed elderly persons out of insurance premiums who-is-also-as-welcome-as-a-summer-breeze is commonly known to his Fanz as MICHAEL WHELAN...
He also gets a mention on, under Wicklow, and in connection with 'The Liar Maguire', solicitor to the 'Turf Accountants Eldest Daughter'...'The Truth Can Never Be Improved On'...

Anonymous said...

''Bless Me Fadder For I Have Sinned.
I have broken up Families ,I have Lied ,I have Lied Again and Again,I have made Married Men Homeless ,I Have actively encouraged Convicted Embezzlers To
Enter Family Homes, Despite Rulings given By Circuit Court Judges ORDERS,I have Encouraged Alcoholics & Shoplifters to Aid And Abet My Criminal Behaviour, I Have Stood By and witnessed a Certain Married Man to be Arrested & Detained in Mountjoy Prison due to My Criminal Behaviour, I Have Put 'Certain Married Man's 3 Children At Risk by my Criminal Behaviour , and i want 'Penanse' Fadder ,''Hmmmm, sez The Fadder ,I sentence you to Help out in My North Wicklow area and can assure You Dear Sinner That You Have Nothing To Fear ,Like all Rogue Solicitors, (to quote Mr Cowen)now go and make the Tea and keep your Bird Of A Feather company as he is up to his neck in The Strokers Club..
''You Mean i am Forgiven Fadder ?''
'I dont see why not Sinner' as we are ALL GUILTY of breaking rules (and getting away with it)whether they be Court Rules or God's Rules' Now run along there like a good boyo and dont heed another comment as you might be seen as letting the side DOWN......

Anonymous said...

''Bless Me Fadder''.
It seems to me that 'the norm' nowadays is to behave like a Blaggard acting the hard man and putting people out of circulation when they relay their fears as to their genuine concerns for the welfare of all at the expense of the 'chosen few'..''Is that right says the fadder? (who appears in his favourite pose looking like Abraham Lincoln looks in the statue version)May i suggest you go now and see the power of the corrupt and mind your own bloody business .....I am more concerned with the power of Sky Sports and the collections of our flock than miniscules such as you , If you continue with your revelations i can make your life changing nightmares a reality...Look at my past heave-ho's and learn dear parishioner, just learn ''. NEXT PLEASE.......

Anonymous said...

''Bless Me Fadder For I Have Sinned''......
''I have cussed 3 times ,i have eaten sweets when i should'nt have, i have been a bold boy 'cause i have done all these things Fadder''.
''And what the bloody hell do you want here sez the Fadder''?
''I want to climb the wall of corruption Fadder and i was told by sumone that this confession box is the way 2 go ''.

''I want to train as a solicitor and get all the trappings of such , i want a house i can be proud of i want the respect of people such as you ,i want to become a pillar of so-sigh-ety and i want i want i want''.
''Well now my boy you appear to have landed on your talons and you are as welcome as a summer breeze ie ,you have come to the right place Welcome welcome.''.

Member of the Parish said...

Word seems to be circulating in the Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace Bray that a date has been set for Parish Priest Fr. Laurence (Larry) White to MOVE ON..................

At the moment "those in the know" have heard from his "confidante" in the workplace that he will be MOVING ON................a year 'earlier' than that given to him when he was installed as Parish Priest for 9 years - 7 years ago!!!!

This looks like he has already received his "walking papers" and now the clock is ticking - tick, tock, tick, tock to the relief of MANY in the Parish until September 2010 (instead of 2011).

The way things are going it could quite possibly mean that this Unfair Dismissal case will still be haunting him LONG after he has left the Parish at the rate things are going with hearings and appeals and LONG waits in between.

What a depressing thought and what a dreadful legacy for this Parish Priest to leave behind when he is finally RUN OUT OF TOWN.

He will forever be remembered in the Parish for nothing more than the BAD WAY HE HANDLED A SIMPLE SITUATION BECAUSE HE COULD NEVER SAY HE WAS WRONG AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

That just goes to show how being stubborn can put you in the history books.

Anonymous said...

Very well written .I see The Fas 'Gravy Train' is about to de-rail, shuntering its 'Chief's of Purses' to the side where The Mighty Of RTE are awaiting at the Next Stop..I like the fact that the purge of the scourge is at last beginning at THE TOP AND HEADING DOWNWARDS .
From Haircut 100....

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems The Once Mighty Magnificent 17 are to Go Man Go .
Would that 'decision' lead to Full Investigation of past mis-deamenours of which scalps were taken and hung out on The Totem Pole to dry, and i do not refer to Members of Fas, i refer to Victims Of Fas Members. (ie complainants).
Haircut 100.

Anonymous said...

Well Holy God..Would you lookie here ,Its the boul Larry White..
I had reason to phone That Man on a previous occasion in relation to a family matter,I merely wished to inquire of my eldest daughter and her present 'status'.I was 'met' with a tirrade of abuse and ill will from That Man the likes of which i would not print on this site.He really believes he is someone does'nt he ,the sooner he is RAN OUT of The Queen of Peace the better..I had also mentioned my utter distaste in regard to HIM and His 'housing a convicted embezzler' and White was not remotely interested in my concerns.
My memories of priests of the parish is of upstanding characters and genuine God Fearing Men who are best remembered for their humane treatment of parishioners, unlike the P.P. which is a total embarrasment to the entire parish of Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Putland Road Bray .In The Name Of God ..Go.You have been exposed as to your amateurish handling of people and property ..

Anonymous said...

Hey you ,Yes You down there with the glasses. Just letting you know i got the envelope and i wont be giving you any details of what i earn simply because i will not be filling out the form ok .When you go i will & The sooner the better ,.

Anonymous said...

Look at Him,This is THE 1 who has brought Queen Of Peace Parish to the attention of The Media.
Swanning around Bray like the proverbial God only knows what,Only thing is i and many many many more would indeed love to 'Come In From The Cold' but unfortunately not just yet my dear fellow...I have taken the time to read & study your 'tenure' in great detail which has appeared on Clerical Whispers over the past number of months and i have only 1 truthful comment to make and that is,GO....You are a Thundering Disgrace (for want of a better word) to your flock and i am calling for,no, demanding your resignation from your post as Parish Priest due to your totally unacepptable behaviour ...

Anonymous said...

Over here in the UK we are following this abysmal story with great interest. Is this priest for real? We have great sympathy and support for the parishioners and the poor secretary and wish her well at the hearing.
Good on Clerical Whispers for bringing this into the open. Great to see the photo of what 'the man' really looks like, not much at all really!Don't suppose you have one to hand of the famous Sr.Peg?

Anonymous said...

I hope he finds himself ,and before he finds himself he ought to return his parishioners some sort of an apology for all the dreadful uncalled for publicity he has created during the few very not forgetful years he has been in Queen of Peace . Say yor sorry from the pulpit .

Anonymous said...

Olde Abe-lookalike-wanna-be sitting in the CON fetishin (oops)BOX;
WHAT-DY-YA-WANT You horrible Oliver Lookalike with your beggin'Bowels;
Bless-me-fadder,Oi kant spell;
25 Hair Marys,
3 Glory Bee's,
& A decade of MEE;
Fadder ,i Dun Nuttin;
I'LL See ya in Hartbreak Street ya horrible Little Bray-Head YA;
Go on i wont waste yor kredit;
Did That Fashionable Fuutball team Chelski win last Saturda?
Dont know Fadder , we dont have sky sports at home, in fact we dont have a home ,thanks to your neighbour The Liar Maguire;
GER-OU-RA-HERE ya little Whistle-blower..............BEGONE.

A bored Parishioner said...

Ah now, we hear Father Whiter than White (Fr. Larry to his close friends) has taken leave since last weekend on a WEE HOLIDAY to gather his strength for his upcoming COURT APPEARANCE when all the world will be a stage to him like his Altar at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Bray where he prances around in his frocks on auto pilot never a word or gesture different any day of the year - HE IS A ROBOT PRIEST. His funerals are so monotomous those attending sign 'Oh God not AGAIN that same insincere speil of claptrap when autopilot is on full throttle once again'. God alone grants patience to those who sit during his identical homilies and stupid stories and recollections month in month out year in year out.

He needs a new script writer. Goes to show how much NON PREPARATION he puts into the RELIGIOUS side of his life compared to...........well ahem, the OTHER side of his life.......

Sure when you run across the Altar with 2 minutes to Mass time and barely have time to throw off the anorak like Bertie's and on the frock what more can you expect.

We and our friends have a little doze through his 22 minute Masses and sure God be good to us we miss not a thing for there is not a thing to miss.....

Now we hope the Whiter than White one will be looking a bit better than the train wreck he has resembled for some time past when he makes his houdini reappearance.

Maybe the good Fathers on this site, as requested by a reader in UK, can let us have a look at the other side of the coin - Sr. Peg? We have had enough views of "The Frocked One" and we don't mean Boy George. Sure we are all-a-foaming at the mouth to see the face that goes with the hit parade CD transcript.

By any chance will there be a new release in the CD stakes to get into the charts.

Before we take your leave......let us wish the LADY MARGARET good luck in the upcoming Perry Mason Court Drama on October 27.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck To Princess Margaret.

Anonymous said...

I had reason to speak by phone, to Larry White some 3 years past,
A simple question;
''Do you advise newly weds of the dangers of Solicitors who practice Family Law''? 'No' was His Reply..

'Why i asked' do you not ??
''Because i just Dont'' Was His Reply.

'So',You just send them out into the world & as they are ill-equipped as to the dangers of Crooked Solicitors' who make money out of Misery you do not seem to give a 'tuppeny &$£* even though you have just performed A Ceromoney in front of God & His Teachings of Family Unity , Is that what you are saying to me???
''YES'' He replied.... ''OH'' I know who you are and I KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU '(Sir name mentioned),
'I see says I ,And you dont give a toss if married men lose their homes due to Crooked Solicitors' who will instigate a standard plan in which to strip Men Of Their assets under the handy guise of Family Law/Divorce'...
''Nothing whatsover to Do With Me''
Replied White;
White now has the cheek to become 'The Father Figure of The Homeless'of Bray to include .i suppose,the once proud Home owner/dweller who has been set up by Crooked Solicitors, such as The Liar Maguire, who has made a FORTUNE by way of inflicting untold misery-by-deception in His Quest for Notoriety in spite of VOWS, Offered & Received, under the Laws of The Catholic Chursh, Nice 'little earner' as they say ,You Marry Couples,And you keep them in the darkest of places & Hey Presto, Larry is at the lighting of the candle by which ,after braving the many elements, (too many to mention here on this family website,)at the end of the tunnell He awaits with new hall door keys for the poor unfortunate Homeless who by all accounts MAY NOT be homeless if only they had been made aware of Crooked Solicitors' such as The Liar Maguire, before they stood at The Alter in Our Lady Queen Of Peace IN THE 1ST PLACE;
What in Heavens Name Is Larry White playing at???
He Is Not Fooling me of that you can be certain...How dare He stand with His Self Rightous attitude based on Hypocricy and down right Contempt for Catholics who put their Faith In God..

Larry White should get real, AND Get Out ,Catholics do not need His Type...Is it any wonder how catholics are deserting The Church ,once a place of peace and worship and ,seemingly now just a place with no substance and no Leaders.
Father In Heaven Please send us a Sign....And Quickly ..

Anonymous said...

One priest has been 'removed' from Bray only last week ,When is white going to be 'removed' from Bray one wonders,Oh i forgot he has his 'contacts' to keep him in his position of which had i had my way he would have been ran outa the town of Bray years ago , As soon as white is removed we will witness an increase in people going back to mass in their droves ,He is the 'Roddy of The Fas' who would spend spend and spend his way into the history books,

A Parishioner about to leave the Parish said...

Oh where oh where are Larry the Lads fan club, cronies and supporters when he needs them?

Oh ha, we know they are keeping dumb and NOT supporting a Loser.


Your days are numbered Reverend (sic!) White.

Tick tock, tick tock.

We are all sick of the cronyism in this Godforsaken Parish.

Time for a clear sweep of the broom.