Monday, October 05, 2009

Parish In Bray (28)

We have it on good authority that several Parishioners have approached a local betting office in Bray to see if they will take odds on the hearing on October 27 in Wicklow.

They were looking for odds on

1. Reverend Blue Jeans aka Fr. Larry White turning up IN HIS ROMAN COLLAR masquerading as a Priest


GOING NATIVE in his Bertie style anorak and golfing shirt

2. What size legal team will he need to extricate him from the hole he has dug for himself in the last 4 years?


3. How many SUPPORTERS will he require and have present like at the original hearing to PROP HIM UP as he needs A LARGE AUDIENCE being used to getting the pews full at Mass (or trying to!)?

Betting is on NONE -v- nearest and dearest family brother and sisters, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law, perhaps this time an added assortment of nieces and nephews, golfing buddies, fan club members, cronies, the Church choir maybe to SING HIS PRAISES, his "BEST" friend Sr. Peggy McArdle (of CD fame - go to Parish in Bray Update 24), "next" best friend SIR BOB (ex PRIEST who was there at 2 previous hearings sitting next to him (TO HOLD HIM STRAIGHT IN THE CHAIR LEST HE SHOULD KEEL OVER) and perhaps an assortment of rent-a-crowd.

Bookies are working out odds.

We may be back to you to let you know should you want to use your Euro to make an odds on bet rather than put it in the baskets at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

You may get more value for your money at the bookies.

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Josie Lucan Parish said...

Heavenly Father we thought you had got rid of this one by now.

You mean to say he is still causing mayhem out there in Bray.

We had him in Lucan were glad to see back of him. Only got a break when he took off holliers or Pilgrimage off to Holy Land (to get his tan no doubt!!)- but he did neither often enough for my liking.

Been reading through the writings about him.

Yep the same boring Masses on autopilot as writer said. Asking us every morning same stupid questions think about readings and if nothing came to us not to worry - exact same robotic Mass, checking his watch with a swipe up of the sleeve after he returned to the Altar after shaking hands with his few elite friends, GUESS HE WON'T BE DOING THAT NOW WITH THE SWINE FLU. Lucky parishioners not having to touch HIM!!!!!

Oh yeah, looks like old habits not die he had yes men and women and cronies here too. Always telling us to sit down think of this or that. Was mind control of some kind I think he had a spooky thing about trying to get inside your head that one. Never liked him. Glad he moved on. Sorry it had to be to your nice seaside town.

Worried Parishioner said...

All those saintly Priests and Nuns out there who spent half a century covering up child abuses - that is not all they have covered up.

They talk about morals and obeying the rules of the Church. One rule for the laity and another for them.

Some who have now put CHILD PROTECTION POLICY notices up in their Churches and in their Parish Centres are the same PARISH PRIESTS who employed supervisors who had adult porn on Church premises that was complained about by female employees and nothing was done to remove the man with the porn who also carried out harrassment to female employees with his risque comments.

This man with the porn, as a reward for his actions was given a further two years work at the Parish by the same Parish Priest who received the complaints.

Another CHURCH COVER UP and denial.

PARISH PRIEST is also covering up other things - CHECK OUT PARISH IN BRAY No 24.

At present there is a man employed there at the Parish Centre with questionable mental faculties and we have heard reports that he has "done bad things" that intellectually he may not be aware of. Is it right to have him on Church premises used by groups that involve children of all ages from speech and drama to pre school children.

HAS THIS PARISH PRIEST LEARNT NOTHING AT ALL. Has he buried his head (up to his ass) in the sand like so many of his fellow Clergy and waiting until there is a major complaint from some family.

The Church is Our Lady Queen of Peace in Bray - the Parish Priest is Fr. Larry White.

Ask him some serious questions before you let your children go there for family mass rehearsals, communion rehearsals, choir practice, Altar servers meetings, speech and drama, play groups.

Don't just take his mealy mouthed answers as the truth - go and check out the situation for yourself - make spot checks.

Brigid Collins said...


The panel on Pat Kenny Show right now are talking about Priests who have affairs with Nuns under the guise of counselling them.

This is nothing new. Control and sex is used by them. They are experts at MENTAL RESERVATION when it comes to hurting others. (Licence to lie). They are also


Check out the link (Parish in Bray No. 24 Update on Clerical Whispers) for one instance of a loving (sic!) relationship between Priest and Nun declaring their love for each other, taking holidays together, she going out to his place for night etc. etc. What more do we have to say. It goes on and the same people screw over others with their lies SORRY MENTAL RESERVATIONS!!!!
This is an updated link and shows that these Clergy even threaten fellow clergy who tell the truth like it is via their good pals the local Gardai.

We now have proof of these lies (mental reservations) that the Church condones and encourages the Clergy to use even in Court to protect themselves and their Church that is the most corrupt organisation in the world.

Hit them where it hurts in their cassock (frocks to you and me) pockets. DO NOT GIVE A BRASS CENT NEVER MIND A EURO IN ANY CHURCH IN THE LAND.

Let them feel the CREDIT CRUNCH. Let them eat dirt for a change rather than the children and adults they abuse.

Questioning Catholic said...

The "bad Clergy" obviously have no conscience or they would have resigned their post immediately.

Nobody can understand why Archbishop Diarmuid Martin seems to feel he has no authority to ask any Bishop or Priest to step down and resign and that it is up to their own conscience.

Surely every organisation, the Church included has differing ranks each responsible for what goes on in the rank below them that they ought to be in charge of and reprimand if necessary. Otherwise it is every man for himself, do what you like for as long as you like, nobody is going to say BOO to you as they seem to have no authority over you - they are not your boss.

If that is the case then as I have found there is no higher ups who will do anything about complaints against a member of the Clergy. I went with my complaint about a Parish Priest to the Bishop. He did not feel he should do anything about it. I then complained to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin he never even replied or granted "an audience".

Wrote to the previous Papal Nuncio in Dublin - got a letter back saying it was not in his remit to go to the local Bishop. Had tried that to no avail.

Wrote to several addresses and two Cardinals in Rome - no reply.

I think the ONLY thing a member of the Church can do when the Church quite obviously are set up in a position to do nothing is to drive these men (physically if necessary) out of our Churches and out of our towns.

What other alternative is there? The Church and its Clergy do not want to know.

If is like you are in the only job for life. You can do as you like to who you like for as long as you like and nobody gives a blind bit of notice.

With rules like that why are men not in a long queue to join up to the best job in the world funded by the laity and given a free rein to do your own thing be that good or bad.

The Church is still a law unto itself. A boys club. An elite boys club with freedom to do as you wish without fear of reprimand. Is that maybe because each member of the Clergy is as guilty as the next - each has as much to hide as the next - therefore nobody casts the first stone or the entire building will crumble to dust.

Maybe it is time to do just that let it crumble to dust and from the dust maybe we can start again and try to find some just men to run it.

Those there are not following the life of Jesus. He must be weeping so many tears that is what has caused the floods in our land when he read the Dublin Diocesan Report.

By the look of things he will have no reason in the near future to stop crying so we can expect the floods to continue!!

mared said...

This God forsaken man who has the nerve to call himself a priest should shove off and join Lord Lucan and Shergar wherever they are, and yes, take Sr. Peggy Mcardle with him....