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Parish in Bray (19)

Let us hope that in this case the conclusions reached by said Dr. Mohan were in fact reached by him after "extensive" tests, checking with his GP, checking his extended medical records etc. and "NOT" just from HERESAY evidence as in another case from the likes of a prejudiced employer who just happened to be a Parish Priest in an unfair dismissal situation against a member of the laity and where said Parish Priest "NEEDED" someone to back him up so that the person he wanted to stay out of their job did not return.

The "DAMNING" report provided as a result of this HERESAY briefing of said Doctor by the Parish Priest resulted in the "victim" of the Church being thrown out of her job and her good name tarnished all of which was to cover up certain facts that Parish Priest preferred not to get out AND the fact he kept a man who had porn in employment after complaints.

We always understood it was A BREACH OF MEDICAL ETHICS for a person who was SUPPOSED TO GIVE AN INDEPENDENT IMPARTIAL ASSESSMENT OF A STRANGER NOT to meet said stranger first without any preconceived ideas about them and make their judgment based on that.

We were assured at the outset that the Parish Priest did not know the person doing the assessment.

However prior to the "victim" having her assessment the Parish Priest DID KNOW HIM because he met and gave him a briefing which Dr. Mohan took and we have a copy of 2 pages in all so he had this information and had preconceived ideas about the person prior to her assessment.

He met the Parish Priest knowing he was in a serious employment dispute with the person being assessed and that the Parish Priest was the one paying his fees!!!!!

Dr. Mohan admitted under oath that MAYBE in hindsight it would have been better IF he had spoken to the victim's GP of 35 years standing and checked her medical records "BEFORE" he wrote his DAMNING report but he still would not admit that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, he made a mistake in his quick judgment) as medical personnel have stated to the "victim" since it would have been CAREER SUICIDE for him to go back on this diagnosis.

Interesting too when said victim's GP requested an independent diagnosis from Dr. Mohan's Colleague in Dundrum Dr. Harry Kennedy he refused to see the victim saying leave the law to the lawyers.

In other words he did not want to maybe have to dispute the HORRIFIC REPORT or question of even discredit it.

As these two men are the top Forensic Psychiatrists in the country naturally enough it is not the done thing to check out each others work - we saw how all those women had their wombs removed for years because no medical professional would question things as to maybe something was VERY wrong in what was going on.

One would have to ask why the Parish Priest and Church paid for a man of his standing to do a simple assessment for a possible return to work when "victim" agreed to go to a Psychologist in order to get the job back.

There is a big difference in what was agreed and what happened going to the Forensic Psychiatrist but when one has nothing to hide and is just going to tell the truth there should have been no problem with the assessment.

Unfortunately it ended up as the victim walking into THE MOUTH OF HELL.

Interesting too that when Dr. Mohan replied to queries a CC of his letter was being sent to his medical insurers in UK - maybe just in case there was going to be a claim against him???

One would ask the Church why did they choose and pay a Forensic Psychiatrist who is mainly responsible for hardened criminals and murderers who are locked up sometimes against their will in Dundrum Mental Hospital and formerly of Broadmoor to do a regular work return assessment.

How can a normal hard working Secretary be in her job for over 4 years one day, the next day loses favour with her employer and be turfed out of her job while on two weeks annual holidays and then asked to go and have such an assessment in order to get her job back????

There was never a complaint about her work and there is verbal evidence from said employer the Parish Priest telling his best FEMALE friend that the Secretary "WAS A HIGHLY DEDICATED SECRETARY" when FEMALE FRIEND said to him "AREN'T YOU LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH A GOOD SECRETARY" - (he corrected her by saying HIGHLY DEDICATED rather than just GOOD) but the Parish Priest refused this verbal evidence IN HIS OWN VOICE to be played at the hearing. WHY? Because it would prove the whole thing was a set up and make a mockery of the case?

Why would the Medical Council not investigate how the Report could be given WITHOUT consultation with GP,

NOT checking 35 years of medical records,

NOT doing any kind of medical Tests

NOT doing any psychological tests,

NOT asking a colleague for a second opinion,

NOT asking the "Victim" to even return for a second meeting to make sure the diagnosis at the end of a 2 hour casual chat was correct??????

All of the above in light of the seriousness of the DAMNING REPORT he intended to write which would change the "victims" life forever.


Because the Parish Priest and the Church were paying him and NEEDED a specific report to vindicate what they had ALREADY DONE???

Was he under pressure to produce a SPECIFIC REPORT to his Paymasters????

WHY do those who have POWER AND ENDLESS MONEY BEHIND THEM like the Church, Medical profession, their Lawyers have the RIGHT to

NOT have an investigation into this and therefore get away with it without question of the POSSIBILITY there was a MISTAKE?


Why should the "Victim" of the Parish Priest in this case lose her job?

Her good name?

Her right to remain in all her Church groups where she had been for years?

Her right to be a Special Minister of the Eucharist?????

Why has the "Victim" on occasion been told in the Church to move back some rows seats were reserved when they were not and thus be belittled in front of other Parishioners???????

Why is said "Victim" treated like a LEPER in her own Parish when once every 7 weeks she serves tea after Mass with 2 other ladies and the PP talks to the other 2 ladies standing next to her and ignores her in front of entire Parish and REFUSES to take a coffee but asks one of the other ladies to make him one??????????

Is that both the height of ignorance and UNCHRISTIAN for the Parish Priest to do that to ANY of his Parishioners??????????


As comment to contribution earlier about recent verdict on the other case referred to by last contributor ~ friends have said to see said Doctor on the news two days recently coming out of Court after such a horrific hearing it did not really instill much confidence in us to see said Doctor smiling and grinning ear to ear after listening to such horrors of the killing. It was a bit "sick" to be honest!

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