Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Parish In Bray (11)

(SV - this story has taken a whole new lease of life and has indeed raised some genuine concerns, some of which are outlined hereunder.

As priests, however, we are to uphold the truth and I shall not be deterred from so doing!!)


If people are now talking of slander because of local Parish story on your site, they are obviously not happy that the postings which have now been shut down on Indymedia sending people to your site have not stopped such postings.

Nobody wants to bring your great site into disrepute.

However it also shows what the person trying to clear their name is up against.

There is NO WAY to win against the Catholic Church. They have the money, their own Canon Law, their own cartload of legal eagles, their own ocean of cash.

When a Parish Priest turns up to a hearing accompanied by Counsel and Barrister, Juniors of both, his 2 sisters and 2 brothers, his best friend (an ex Priest), a Parish Council member etc. against on the other side of the room one ex Parish worker and her Barrister + 1 professional to refute the Parish report there has got to be SOMETHING WRONG.

It was like one person -v- RENT-A-CROWD.

The one person went alone to tell the truth. Why did the other need so many PROPS?

Word was then put around that the one person now had no supporters not even her own family!

Untrue she would not have family members take time off work to waste their 2 days sitting around listening to drivel from the other side of the room.

There is no problem if you also wish to pull this story and bow to the pressure.

You have to watch your back.

* * * * *

Was she cashier Blonde?

Surely it shouldn't be so easy for anyone to walk into a parish office and at the few strokes of a pen walk out with a document that could potentially aid the practice of identity fraud.

Mother or not.

However, given the fact a 20cent sheet of paper and drop of ink costs so much there it's reason I suppose the church hasn't seen a drop of paint.

Soon churches will be like hairdressers with price lists inside the prayer books.

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Anonymous said...

Those in Persona Christi should aim to heal the hurts of their sister in this situation, as Chirst would do himself.

Holy Orders have unfortunately seen seen some transform into Holy Untouchables.

Anonymous said...

In reply to the comment above all I can add is AMEN to that but the Church do not apologise or say sorry to those they have swept under their carpets.

They are "the Gods" who can choose who is (according to them) worthy to be in their Parish Council, Liturgy Group, or take Communion to the housebound and sick in the Parish. Laity are asked to volunteer but those who do are stomped under the feet of bully Parish Priests who turf them out because he feels they stood up to him for their rights. Again the old view that women in the Church should neither be seen or heard - this Parish Priest chose the wrong person to try this bit of his psychology training on. He has met his match in a person who cares about their good name and the fact it has been trashed by him!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Parish Priest has returned after almost 5 months.

All anyone can observe is the fact this time quite possibly could have been spent attending an "Anger Management" course and was told to keep taking the medication because one seems to be very very calm at the moment to the point of almost being deadpan.

Having said that one also must have been instructed to keep ones head down as the eyes have been lowered most of the time as in the old days in the Church when instructions were given to do so!

In spite of the above the Altar in God's house is still being used to give verbal swipes towards the ex employee because she continues for her quest for justice and an apology and that is not appreciated by one on his return.

One is soaking up all the sympathy and support one can from those who have been brainwashed by his cunning psychology training God help them.

There is still no Season of Goodwill in this Parish in spite of letters having gone out to all with a heavy 'begging' tone to them for nice fat Dues envelopes to be returned (that would be better given to The St. Vincent de Paul) and the ALL ARE WELCOME message which is neither true nor sincere.

Several people have commented that with the credit crunch this Parish has sent a letter around saying it has €250,000 in the Bank and going to borrow another €676,000 to do the renovations to the Church which means a loan and massive debt. The critical thing is the roof needs replaced, that is fine but 22% of the total figure required to do the work which overall will cost €926,000 is for the refurbishment of the Sanctuary which nobody wants and also part of the 23% to be used for other internal work also includes changes to the Sacristy which most agree is fine as it is. Bottom line a lot of money in this time of credit crisis is being used to do things that are NOT required or needed but 'excuses' are being made as to why they have to be done by the PP and cronies on the various committees.

They say the Parish Priests house will become vacant at a later date and could be sold to help with the debt. Why wait 3 years until the present PP leaves as he is living in a large family home when there is a full one floor flat available in the Prebytery in the Church grounds (but it does not afford him 'enough privacy') so he already moved out of that some years ago (prior to getting the Parish Priests house) and rented a very modern and expensive private home down the road from the golf club (at the expense of the Parishioners and Parish) until he was asked to move back out of same.

Something is very, very, wrong in this Parish. They do not cut the cloth according to needs but to their wants.

We might also be a little alarmed by the weird grin or smirk that sometimes appears on ones face from time to time for no obvious reason so we have to ask is one cracking up under the strain.

We are basically back to the same old, same old and on it goes.

Can we hope for anything better in 2009 from this Parish? Most doubtful because the Clergy there and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin do not care.