Friday, December 19, 2008

Parish in Bray (13)

Power is being manipulated by networking and who you know.

This Parish has a personal friend appointed as FAS Supervisor. Said personal friend and FAS Supervisor is also in umpteen Parish groups and Committees, chief fundraiser, recruits Church Readers, reads herself etc.etc.

Is all of this somehow not a CONFLICT OF INTERESTS.

Why does one person hold the top job of running the Parish Centre and FAS CE programme and be involved in all of the other Parish activities and groups yet other Parishioners are thrown out of Parish Council, Liturgy group and not allowed become a Special Minister of the Eucharist.

This FAS Supervisor was not interviewed or vetted by FAS officials which was confirmed by Waterford FAS office in charge of East coast, because they were NOT asked to sit in on the job interviews.

Also another FAS staff member (not working for the Church) and their spouse are on Church Committees and they do not even LIVE IN QUEEN OF PEACE PARISH SO ARE TECHNICALLY "NOT" PARISHIONERS of the Parish so does that mean there is a conflict of interests in that when the previous FAS Supervisor had porn in the workplace etc., he was kept in his job and no boats were rocked that might jeopardise the cash cow that is FAS for the Church.

Was the fact he was IN with the Parish Priest the reason this man was allowed to stay in his job and the FAS scheme remained in the Parish. It is all jobs for the boys and WHO YOU KNOW.

This Parish is run by personal friends and connections and networking useful people to the Parish Priest and nobody else gets a look in.

If you are not 'of use' to the Parish Priest to get his plans approved for things you are out.

If you can help him to get his way in all things you are the best friend.

Something is very rotten in this little church on the hill.

Why does nobody look into the goings on and connections of all those on all the committees.

Everyone is doing things in the Parish for tax free gain for themselves. You have families who have both parents involved some getting payments for work which should be done on a voluntary basis, they also have children involved in everything.

This means a lot of perks for all within the family and special treatment. Their kids can end up having free trips and other perks.

Everyone has an angle and what they can get out of it.

Those in the small click of friends running the Parish appoint who goes on the trips and get the perks.

It is not open to Parishioners to apply whose teenager might get more out of going on the trip than the children of the priviledged families in the Parish who are sent.

Those who genuinely want to volunteer and want nothing in return are blacklisted from Parish groups and Committees.

When will Archbishop Diarmuid Martin take off his sunglasses and look at the blatant corruption in this Parish.

We know that at a recent meeting about the Church refurbishment one person attending took the Parish Priest up on matters and the poor man was forced to take his words back.

This is a bully Parish Priest who will have nobody say anything against him or they have to eat their words for fear of legal action or they will have a visit from the Gardai and maybe fingerprints and DNA samples taken.

It is run like a Communist regime rather than a Catholic Church.

It is the PP and his heavies -v- the ordinary Parishioners.

My God it looks like we have to put up with this and HIM for another 3 years until his term as Parish Priest ends.

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Anonymous said...

Look forward 14 of 14.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Fr. Ted. Fr.Dougal would be a Nobel Prize winner beside our PP in the Priesthood stakes!

In fact they are 'clones', bobbly wool jumpers (at least Dougal and Ted wore Roman collars to their credit), forgetful, always losing things.

Craggy Island would be a suitable posting for Bray man - anywhere far far away from where he can do any more damage to the souls he was sent here to care for but must not have exactly understood what he was assigned to do for the 9 years.

Anonymous said...

What's the bets they've got a real Mrs Doyle.

Anonymous said...

Oh they have but her name is PEGGY......nod, nod, wink, wink!!

Ask them no questions and they will tell you no lies.........

Anonymous said...

Maybe she sleeps like a bat with an axe behind door... True Swiss Guard style hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Indymedia are now highlighting a link to this page as it is of interest to a lot of people wanting to know what happens behind the scenes of CE schemes and FAS within the Church.

Their "introduction" to the link can be found at

Reply to Elpapa in waiting.....

you will need to apply to the person who thinks he is GOD to get that position...

you should send your CV to Very Reverend Laurence White PP at above Church. Doubt you will get a reply. His head is in the clouds waiting for the body to ascend with it...

Mrs. Doyle er sorry, Peggy is already waiting with the red slippers for the feet and the cuppa. Ahhhh

Anonymous said...

Oh life is too short to be so bitter, this is a wonderful parish, with three good clerics who deserve our support and who have gained our respect. As to the FAS supervisor we like her she is doing a great job and would be very hurt to think that she is being verbally abused like this. Maybe Gods Blessing will give us all peace this Christmas, and into the New Year.
A parishioner in the parish

Anonymous said...

This has appeared on Indymedia regarding above

by Past FAS CE scheme worker Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:18

When you hear of Sponsors not wanting to dismiss FAS Supervisors for having PORN in the workplace because IT WOULD ROCK THE FINANCIAL boat and the scheme may not roll over again next year it is an abuse of power.

FAS seem to be overloaded with manpower in the ranks so why when something serious like this happens did they leave it to the Sponsor to deal with as he saw fit. The girls on the scheme still had to work in the same small room as this man for a further 2 years AND HE REMAINED A FAS SUPERVISOR!!!

Would you like your twenty something daughter to be stuck in a room with a flirty old man of 65 and she in early 20's as most of the girls on the particular FAS scheme were? Where was the FAS concern for these girls?

Because the Sponsor was a Priest did they leave it up to him to do the right thing but of course he did not - he was thinking maybe the cash cow will end if he did the right thing.

All the talk that went on in the scheme at that time was EXPANDING outside the actual Church premises and SUPPLYING staff to other places around Bray and Enniskerry that needed CE staff. They are STILL doing it to this day.l For each BODY comes some extra profit or commission for the Church (it was almost like being a pimp thinking of the money not the girls or men on the scheme).

Worse still the eventual Supervisor who replaced the man with the porn although a female was NOT vetted by FAS Office in charge of the scheme as being suitable qualification wise for a managerial job of that status supervising staff on several schemes around the area and keeping financial and bookeeping records etc. They have informed us from Waterford Office in charge of East Coast schemes that they were NOT invited to sit in on the interviews!!!! She was a part time sports teacher and supermarket shop employee prior to her new big managerial job BUT SHE IS A PERSONAL FRIEND OF THE PARISH PRIEST. JOBS FOR THE GIRLS!!! (Helps too when your husband is a retired Sargeant).

It looks like she also MANAGES the Parish Centre which is a conflict of interests according to the previous Supervisor who said he was NOT meant to double job and he was there to run the FAS scheme and not be responsible for the Parish Centre but he did BOTH and of course that meant healthy personal expenses.

Sponsor abused rules by using FAS CE girls for 7 months to do the job of a full time permanent employee when she was unfairly dismissed which meant once there was a bum in her seat the full time person was not required to come back. This was not staff training for the girls dumped into her job and FAS said so and eventually made the Parish Priest take their staff out of the job but he abused his power and the FAS scheme in the meantime.

With all the blatant misdemeanours why is the scheme left at the Church????????

There are 3 other Churches and Parishes in the town that could do a better job of managing this scheme why is it not transferred? Of course the Parish Priest now in charge as Sponsor knows the FAS ropes having dealt with other FAS schemes in the past in inner city Dublin and at a charity house in Wexford so he has the 'connections and the power' which says it all.

Anonymous said...


Mary above has to be one of the Parishioners worked on and brainwashed by the silver tongued Parish Priest with the 8 years of Psychology training behind him to manipulate people not help them.

It is not being bitter. It is stating the honest to God facts.

The man does not deserve the respect of anyone when you have witnessed him as a Parish Priest put his hand on God's Holy Bible in a Court hearing and hear lies that shock you to the core and have you hanging on by a thread to your Catholic beliefs and thinking no wonder there are so many lapsed Catholics around us when you witness such bitterness and lies from God's ordained Priests. God forgive him because he knows what he is doing.

As for the FAS Supervisor she is the assistant Parish Priest (sic!) who gets to hear all the confidential secrets told to the PP about personal lives that you hear back to you from other Parishioners and were the cause of a staff member handing in their resignation they were so hurt and betrayed by one in such a position. Said worker was threatened with legal action if they dared to make such an accusation against the PP but he did admit that he had told said FAS Supervisor IN CONFIDENCE and she should not have gone on to reveal saga to anyone else but the point is that the discussion was told to the PP IN CONFIDENCE in the first place and it should not have been blabbed to anyone. That is even recorded in the hearing notes as evidence given at the hearing.

Also a recording exists for anyone to hear and is in the possession of Bray Gardai of the Parish Priest discussing and laughing and mocking Parishioners who had gone to them in confidence and the language from said PP would turn the air blue with F*** S**** etc. etc. Bray Gardai have this for a few years now so nothing said here is untrue it is all facts and can be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Detective Garda John McDonnell is your man to talk to for confirmation. He that with a colleague took a former employee down for 3 hours of questioning late at night at the request of said PP, also had ex employee taken back again on a Bank Holiday Sunday to have their DNA and finger print samples taken.
What was the ex employees crime to have her rights violated like this? Did she rob the church safe, did she desecrate the Church or Parish Centre, did she do drug deals in the Church grounds, did she hand out anti Catholic literature? No none of the above she just got herself a Solicitor to take on said Parish Priest and clear her good name and that she was unfairly dismissed by a bully. Having said that the Church and their Lawyers have the money to BUY ANYONE OR ANYTHING THEY WISH.

Mary you try being on the receiving end of the abuse from this PP for the last several years and see how you would like it or how bitter you might become.

Also nobody believed any wrong of Fr. Michael Cleary or Bishop Eamonn Casey and their personal life. What happened when the truth and the skeletons came out of the closet. When you know too much you have to go and your name has to be blackened but those with any backbone don't let anyone, not even a Parish Priest treat them like that and they will go on forever until the TRUTH COMES OUT AND THERE IS A PUBLIC APOLOGY.

Next time you see the Parish Priest WITHOUT PREJUDICE ask him how's Peggy????

Ask him why "He does not give a SH**E" what you want to do at your wedding!!! Ask him is it polite to call Parishioners "A couple of Nut Cases"?

Ask Det. McDonnell to hear the evidence if you don't believe.

Who then deserves your respect?

Nothing is implied or intended by the above questions but the reaction to your questions will be interesting with the colours of the rainbow flowiing over the face.

Remember again ALL of the above can be proven as FACT.

Ask why he needed a 5 month holiday from the Parish - past coming back to haunt him with ongoing legal battles still to come when the truth will prevail. No wonder your blood pressure goes up and you need a break. Would have been better to have dealt with all of this at the start and apologised not let it get to this stage. The man never apologises or admits he is wrong that is his problem and there is nobody in charge that seems to be able to reprimand him.

He has fooled a lot of people but some he will never fool because they saw the inside story.

Poor man at recent meeting about Church refurbishment was made eat his words when he tried to state some possible facts. We have a little man here with a big ego God help us all.

Anonymous said...

What job training is cleaning toilets and making tea?

by Previous FAS CE worker

It is right as mentioned earlier that those on CE programmes are meant to be gaining new skills to help them get a full time job.

However that is forgotten when as a Church you just want free staff to do the donkey work and have the Government pay them to do the work so it does not eat into the Church PROFITS.

There is always one girl on the CE scheme whose main duty is to wash out and clean the toilets, make teas in the Coffee dock and wash up and clean there.

As either a single or young mum she would already have those basic skills from living at home and she is certainly not gaining new skills being a general dogsbody on this CE scheme doing the work that nobody else would touch.

Some of the males on the staff are sent out to pick up rubbish in the Church grounds, fill the bins or to warn off parishioners who may decide to park in an area that the Parish Priest has decided nobody is going to park in any more. Doubt these men who are capable of much more are learning anything by doing this basic work which saves the Church paying somone else to do as the Government are funding these mens salaries.

The Parish Priest is always preaching about THE DIGNITY OF THE PERSON but to offer such work on CE schemes when basically you are just getting free staff to do so is an abuse of the scheme as the Government intended and is just supplying slave labour free to the Church while the Supervisor and Sponsors get big fat cat payments.

Something is very rotten in the Church on the hill running this FAS scheme.