Friday, December 19, 2008

Parish in Bray (13)

Power is being manipulated by networking and who you know.

This Parish has a personal friend appointed as FAS Supervisor. Said personal friend and FAS Supervisor is also in umpteen Parish groups and Committees, chief fundraiser, recruits Church Readers, reads herself etc.etc.

Is all of this somehow not a CONFLICT OF INTERESTS.

Why does one person hold the top job of running the Parish Centre and FAS CE programme and be involved in all of the other Parish activities and groups yet other Parishioners are thrown out of Parish Council, Liturgy group and not allowed become a Special Minister of the Eucharist.

This FAS Supervisor was not interviewed or vetted by FAS officials which was confirmed by Waterford FAS office in charge of East coast, because they were NOT asked to sit in on the job interviews.

Also another FAS staff member (not working for the Church) and their spouse are on Church Committees and they do not even LIVE IN QUEEN OF PEACE PARISH SO ARE TECHNICALLY "NOT" PARISHIONERS of the Parish so does that mean there is a conflict of interests in that when the previous FAS Supervisor had porn in the workplace etc., he was kept in his job and no boats were rocked that might jeopardise the cash cow that is FAS for the Church.

Was the fact he was IN with the Parish Priest the reason this man was allowed to stay in his job and the FAS scheme remained in the Parish. It is all jobs for the boys and WHO YOU KNOW.

This Parish is run by personal friends and connections and networking useful people to the Parish Priest and nobody else gets a look in.

If you are not 'of use' to the Parish Priest to get his plans approved for things you are out.

If you can help him to get his way in all things you are the best friend.

Something is very rotten in this little church on the hill.

Why does nobody look into the goings on and connections of all those on all the committees.

Everyone is doing things in the Parish for tax free gain for themselves. You have families who have both parents involved some getting payments for work which should be done on a voluntary basis, they also have children involved in everything.

This means a lot of perks for all within the family and special treatment. Their kids can end up having free trips and other perks.

Everyone has an angle and what they can get out of it.

Those in the small click of friends running the Parish appoint who goes on the trips and get the perks.

It is not open to Parishioners to apply whose teenager might get more out of going on the trip than the children of the priviledged families in the Parish who are sent.

Those who genuinely want to volunteer and want nothing in return are blacklisted from Parish groups and Committees.

When will Archbishop Diarmuid Martin take off his sunglasses and look at the blatant corruption in this Parish.

We know that at a recent meeting about the Church refurbishment one person attending took the Parish Priest up on matters and the poor man was forced to take his words back.

This is a bully Parish Priest who will have nobody say anything against him or they have to eat their words for fear of legal action or they will have a visit from the Gardai and maybe fingerprints and DNA samples taken.

It is run like a Communist regime rather than a Catholic Church.

It is the PP and his heavies -v- the ordinary Parishioners.

My God it looks like we have to put up with this and HIM for another 3 years until his term as Parish Priest ends.

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