Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Paedo & Embezzeler Church Up And Running Again!!

It should come as no surprise to those former members of the Reformed Catholic Church (www.reformedcatholicchurch.org) to hear that it has now arisen from its own ashes and now been reborn with four different 'groupings' to it now as it encompasses the Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Gnostic Churches under the name of Corpus Christi Communion (www.corpuschristicommunion.org).

The Corpus Christi Communion is divided as follows: The Reformed Catholic Church, The Reformed Ecumenical Community, The Reformed Orthodox Church and the The Reformed Gnostic Church which are then united under 'Patriarch' George Philip Zimmerman, who has a very distinguished criminal background, which can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

There is also his failure to deal with a paedophile priest in his ranks (www.dispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2009/11/21/refcathchurch.ART_ART_11-21-09_B2_K1FOGRR.html) whom he tried to get transferred to Ireland with the assistance of his 'Archbishop' residing there, Niall Sheridan, who is still 'Father Protector of the Developing Community' also known as Europe. 

He too is known to be a person of very questionable character, no doubt having learned from the 'Patriarch' Zimmerman.

The 'Patriarch' whilst in charge of the Reformed Catholic Church, also proclaimed to be highly educated but upon investigation as recent as last year, all his educational qualifications are fraudulent which is typical of Zimmerman thus far as many who were members of the RCC can attest and this evident on the following links:

Also, on the RCC website, we decided to test if the veracity of the claims made on it were truthful but this proved to be not the case as the following can attest:

This link (www.reformedcatholicchurch.org/france.htm) claims that the person named is a member and deacon of the RCC in Europe but we made contact with the person named and the following response came from them directly, and we quote; 

"I'm not part of any church. I am looking ... I did not know he had entered on their site. In addition, I am not yet ordained Deacon."

More of the dishonesty of the RCC and indeed when we enquired as to the logo designs used by the RCC for the European countries, the priest who designed them was unaware of their being used and forwarded to us his emails with the designs thereon dated as far back as 2008 and 2009 but which are copyright protected.

This further proves the dishonesty of the RCC yet again, but they are very adept at attempting to silence those who would dare to criticise as many of their former clergy have found out, and we have spoken to many who have been slandered and defamed to their employers, civil authorities and general public alike in USA and Europe but also taken to the international level.

This has all been done so as to cover their own misdeeds, covering up of clergy who have interfered with children (Sean Michael Lyons ref: www.snapnetwork.org/snap_press_releases/2009_press_releases/111909_convicted_sex_offender_cleric_says_mass_here.html; www.konicki.com/blog2/2010/02/15/vagante-group-falls-apart/) and attempted to evade civil action and also embezzlers (Barney Canada ref: www.clericalwhispers.blogspot.com/2009/01/fees-gone-host-of-developers-left.html; www.clericalwhispers.blogspot.com/2009/12/catholic-priest-accused-of-27m-fraud.html; www.clericalwhispers.blogspot.com/2009/12/south-bend-man-charged-with-fraud.html) both of whom are still facing further legal investigation and action.

So, it now seems that nothing has yet again been learned from the previous fiasco and the RCC has now taken a new name but the old faces and practices shall no doubt continue as before and again neither child nor money is safe.
No doubt we here will be chastised, defamed, slandered and much more no doubt by these 'servants of Christ' as they serve nothing more than their own egos and the protection of the guilty and sacrifice the innocent yet again.