Monday, January 30, 2023

CWI : Operation Laonia (3)

 CWI : Operation Laonia

This investigation continues, and will continue for some time yet, so here are some more little bits to keep you all going....for now.

1. Why, Bishop Monahan, have you not yet applied for the laicisation for the civilly criminally convicted wanker, Jerry Carey?

2. What are you doing about the continuing public allegations that continue to be made about not only your priests, but also the laity of the diocese of Killaloe? Do you and the diocese still believe the allegations, as has been publicly stated and published? Are you aware that many of the allegations you are publicly stated to have believed, are now the subject  of an ongoing criminal investigation, no doubt with potential civil cases down the line?

3. Why have you not replied - even to acknowledge receipt - to the text message of a priest who seems to have disappeared from the Diocesan website without even knowing about it? Why not reply Fintan? Is it because you know you have messed up and won't fess up?

4. Why did you rush to Ennis Garda Station and make a false allegation against a member of the clergy? Is it not true that you got your knuckles rapped by An Garda Síochána for doing such? 

5. Why, Bishop Fintan, do you think that you can do as you wish with the lives of others, and not (yet) face the consequences of your ill-advised (in)actions?

6. Why, Bishop Monahan, are you happy to expose the Diocese of Killaloe to upcoming, potential financially devastating, lawsuits?

Let us assure you all, none of what is stated above is untrue, and indeed, it is regrettably true.

It begs the question, and this is addressed directly to the Charge d'Affairs in the Nunciature in Ireland and also to Vatican Bureaucrats : what does it take for you to carry out an Apostolic Visitation to the Diocese of Killaloe?

Would you like ALL the REAL evidence?

Nothing fake or forged here, we assure you.

We sincerely look forward to your reply!!