Monday, July 01, 2024

CWI : The Oratory Society (3)

In the last while, we have been carefully monitoring the development of the 'new' website of The Oratory Society, and the information contained within it is indeed questionable - to say the least.

Some questions for Eduardo and Creaner in relation to this site....

1. Why are you using the address of 6 Princes Gardens? This property is due to be reclaimed by the RC Diocese of Down and Connor by the end of August, but it seems that Eduardo is not willing to relinquish it.

2. Do you, Eduardo, think that the agreement between your allegedly celibate partner/husband, Patrick Buckley and the Diocese of Down and Connor extends to you also?

3. Do you, Paul Creaner, think likewise?

4. As we are all aware, Patrick Buckley is deceased (Deo Gratias) and yet much of the information on the website speaks of him in the present term...any particular reason why?

5. (quote) Both Bishop Pat and Fr Paul are registered officiates with The General  Registrar’s Office, N Ireland (GRO) and on the register of Register of Solemnisers for the Republic of Ireland (available to view on line). You can contact Pat and discuss your wedding arrangements with him. (unquote). This information needs to be changed, and quickly so. One would think that before publishing any website that the information on the site would be correct - why are such untruths still contained on this site?

6. As Patrick Buckley is certainly deceased, is it proper to still have pictures of him on the site? Do you not think that this is insulting to those who were so certainly wronged, maligned and slandered by him? 

7.  There is a 'blog' section on the website...are we to expect more of what went before?

Some simple questions Eduardo and Paul....maybe ye would like to address them in the public interest.

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Eagarthóir / Editor