Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parish In Bray (21)

This additional comment refers to disgraced Anglo Irish Sean Fitzpatrick.

From this feature you can see that Parish Priest Father Larry White has never come clean or answered why he was having dealings with Frank Dunlop and with another Parish Priest canvassing Councillers to change their votes for the rezoning.

The Church have remained SILENT on it too.

It might be interesting to also note that Fr. White's best friend an ex-Priest who came along to the Unfair Dismissal hearing AND the Rights Commissioners hearing for ex Secretary having no Contract for 3 years and who will possibly attend at the Equality hearing in the future regarding porn in the workplace and harrassment is a personal friend of Sean Fitzpatrick.

Because of this relationship, said ex Priest (who is joined at the hip to his best friend Father White) had Sean Fitzpatrick make a sizeable donation to Fr. White and Our Lady Queen of Peace when they held their fundraising Golf Classic for Queen of Peace Church at Bray Golf Club in June 2005.

Anglo were the main sponsors!!!!

Did this money come out of the shareholders funds and the funds of those who are now left penniless after the Banks recent problems?

Possibly a few of those penniless shareholders are Parishioners in Queen of Peace and are now being SQUEEZED DRY by Parish Priest to pay for the new project of his the refurbishment of the Church!!!

What is it with Priests, ex Priests, big money connections, corruption in local plannning that Priests get involved in and they are not asked questions or held accountable??

The only people that Fr. White associates with are those that are USEFUL to him or that he can USE. The ordinary Churchgoer who may be as poor as a "Church Mouse" are of no interest - he has nothing to gain. He is an expert at networking having those he considers the cream of local society in all his Church groups.

Are Priests not there to help those from all ranks of Society? Did Jesus not reach out and touch the Lepers? Did anyone ever hear of him only sitting down to break bread with Kings? Did he not choose lowly fishermen as his Disciples?

Sad for Fr. White that Sean Fitzpatrick is now out of business and he cannot go along to him via his ex-Priest friend this time with the begging bowl for his grandoise building plans that have been partly slapped down by the Diocese due to no funding from Share.

As Miley would say "Well Holy God, its about time this man got his just desserts". +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Anonymous said...




The GREED and uncaring Parish and Parish Priest has struck again.

Today the entire country are having Pancake Parties for children's hospitals around the country.

This morning TV3 had a reminder of the Odlums party's for National Children's Hospital in Tallaght.

My niece in Letterkenny, a mother of 3 young children, was up all night making pancakes for their fundraising efforts for Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin.

EVERYONE is doing their bit all over the country, for CHILDREN, HOSPITALS and CHARITY

that is EXCEPT The Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Bray and the Parish Priest there.

Oh YES they had a big PANCAKE PARTY but he announced that it was FOR DONATIONS FOR OUR "BELOVED ROOF" (REPAIRS). To the Parish Priest an old roof is BELOVED sick children are NOT.

NO CHRISTIAN CHARITY OR CARING in this Church. It is think of yourself first, squeeze the Parishioners a bit more for the grand building plans of the Parish Priest and to hell with the sick children of the country.

You can see HYPOCRISY in action any day of the week in this Parish. They would take the last piece of bread out of the mouth of the sick children AND THIS IN THE WEEK THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ARE ISSUING THEIR NEW CHILD PROTECTION POLICIES.

It is all a VERY SICK JOKE don't you think??????????

Also on a FUNNY, SAD AND RIDICULOUS note the Parish seems to have had its second or third FALSE START with this SO CALLED work to be done on the Church. It has been starting since JANUARY 12. Gates are locked again to the inconvenience of everyone BUT no signs yet of builders or building equipment.

FOR HEAVENS SAKE will they sort themselves out get the work done and throw the Parish Priest out in the skip with the rubble!!!