Tuesday, October 25, 2022

CW : Editorial

Clerical Whispers: Statement of Ms Atwood relative to Archbishop Richard  Burke

Dia dhaoibh go léir....

Over the last few weeks, we here in CW were offline but we were most certainly not off the cases that we are dealing with....Operations Ainmhian and Easpag respectively.

In relation to both cases, more information, which has been independently verified, is now going to become the basis of external investigations by the relevant and appropriate authorities, both civil and otherwise.

We have continuosly advised you all that we would update you at all times, but also bearing in mind that we would only publish information which is verified and also cleared for publication by the necessary legal advice provided.

We also wish to ensure that nothing is published which would be detrimental to any currently ongoing investigations.

Neither would we publish any untruths which would cause any unnecessary hurt and pain.

In that vein, we wish to state - yet again - that is regrettable that great untruths are yet again being published by those who claim to be Christian, yet by their very actions, they contradict this very claim.

We here in CW are only too well aware of being respectful of those who have passed away, and we bear this greatly in mind when we consider any and all stories for publication.

It is greatly regrettable that others do not do so.

It is also regrettable that in publishing such untruths, they also seek to deny those most affected (ie family and friends) any right to seek engagement with the offending publisher / publication.

It is most regrettable that in not only denying any such engagement, they deny those who are hurt, any acknowledgement of having offended such family and friends.

It is abhorrently reprehensible for such self-proclaimed Christians to then ignore such hurt and pain, and continue to publish such manifestly untrue claims, despite having being provided evidence to the contrary.

We here in CW are only well aware of such truth and evidence having been provided to this publisher, and yet they decide to continue to ignore such evidence and truth - for reasons best known to themselves - and continue to slander and defame ad nauseum.

What is even more disgusting is that the person is deceased.

In any and all cases, we here in CW will always seek to have verifiable evidence to underwrite anything we publish here - others would do well to take note!!

It will be only a matter of time before the blatant hypocrisy of some will be called out, as will their untruths...and it will not just happen on this blogspot!!