Sunday, December 10, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (17)

CWI : Operation Latharna

Mr Buckley has a very concerning and unhealthy interest in relation to other peoples money, and so we now wish to put the following to him, albeit in the regrettable knowledge that he will not respond, but we can at least ask...

Mr Buckley, in the mid 1990's, as part of your student formation programme, you directed students to a self-proclaimed 'professor' in the UK, and indeed highly recommended him to your potential students.

Students paid over what were then substantial amounts to this self-proclaimed 'professor' at your recommendation, and subsequently found out that this self-proclaimed 'professor' was a fraud. 

You then went on to publish in your own page in the News Of The World, a very self-serving piece in which you chose to disavow yourself of any and all involvement in relation to this matter, and in typical Pontius Pilate manner, washed your (grubby) hands of any and all responsibility.

This then led to students seeking formation and ordination elsewhere (and correspondence in relation to this undermines a claim you made on your blog in September in relation to a named individual - which we are aware is potentially going to be used in impending legal actions against you) and therefore no longer associated with you.

1. What vetting and credential checking of this individual did you carry out in relation to this individual i.e. self-proclaimed 'professor'?

2. Was there any financial gain in relation to this for you singularly?

3. Can you prove that there was not, if that is your claim? 

4. Why did you disavow yourself of any affiliation with this self-proclaimed 'professor' when your students contacted you (many times via telephone and email- we have the records) and you were aware the shite was hitting the fan?

5. Why did you basically drop your students like hot potatoes and leave them financially impaired, despite them having handed over money to this self-proclaimed 'professor' effectively at your behest and recommendation?

6. Why have you made false allegations in relation to one of these former students in recent times when the evidence exists to contradict such a claim? You can answer us or you can answer a Magistrate in relation to this one when the time comes!!

7. We know this information not to be in the public domain, but it can be soon enough - can you make that claim honestly?