Monday, June 05, 2023

CWI : Operation Easpag (12)


It has indeed been some time since we posted on this issue, but we will give as short an update as possible, so here goes....

The bishop at the centre of this decided to make a telephone call directly to our legal representative, and in doing so, did admit that it was indeed him to whom we were making reference, and note he did so voluntarily, albeit enraged when so doing.

This call followed on from a call previously received from a probably well-meaning supporter of the aforementioned bishop, but in effect, did same said bishop no favours - hence we believe the bishop dialling in himself.

We again extend our invitation to you to communicate with us as there are over 200 pages relative to your sexual (mis-)behaviour which we would like to discuss with you, going back quite a few years....and upon which we have made commentary previously.