Wednesday, November 01, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (13)

CWI : Operation Latharna

It seems that Clerical Whispers is raising the blood pressure of Mr Buckley and his Southern Sidekick, and the evidence of this can be found on Mr Buckleys blogspot.

'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous', on October 23rd inst at 11.41am, gives us here a (dis)honourable mention as follows, quote

Clerical Whispers (of the NINE journalists, not five, not seven but NINE) are again spoofing away against Fintan and Pat, with as usual, no evidence at all. (unquote).

As is the form with Mr Buckley and his Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous AKA Southern Sidekick, no particular 'spoofing' is identified, and as per usual with Mr Buckleys blog, a generalised comment made and no evidence!!

Let us here in CW remind you Mr Buckley, and indeed Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous AKA Southern Sidekick, that you were offered an invitation to meet up with us here in CW, and for some reason (well, we really do know why, truth be told eh Mr Buckley) you did not accept or engage in relation to this invite.

So, for 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Southern Sidekick (God bless IP tracker systems) to make such a claim as for us to be 'spoofing'- well all we can say is this - thanks for the laugh!!

Next time you are in Dublin at your pro-Israel rally, 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Southern Sidekick, let us know and we will happily arrange for the team here in CW to meet with you.

Maybe also you would like to meet with our solicitors who would certainly also, not unlike Mr Buckley, love to ask a few questions of you.

And maybe you would have the courtesy of providing us with evidence of 'spoofing' on our part at that meeting.

In relation to the numbers issue, both Mr Buckley and  'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Southern Sidekick, maybe either of you could care to answer this question already asked of you - how does the number 6 or indeed 7 suddenly become the number 2? 

So, instead of making false claims (and not for the first time), why not do some real research etc and come back with 2 things known as the TRUTH and EVIDENCE - something you are both evidently strangers to for some time now.

We don't struggle to remain relevant by the way, and we do not cover up anything - unlike Mr Buckley and a certain email in his possession which he very well knows (as indeed do we) would totally discredit any and all allegations, posts and comments he has published - and allowed to be published - on his site for some time.

All we will do - for now - is hold our whist - and by Christ when the time comes, both Mr Buckley and 'Monsignor Toddus Unctiousous' AKA Southern Sidekick will get the same type of exposure they have visited upon others.

However, the difference will be this - we will publish the factual, evidence-based and verified truth!!