Saturday, January 03, 2009

Parish in Bray (15)

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin - What a hypocrite.

He does not give a damn about anyone.

All you get is talk, talk, talk, excuses, excuses, excuses.

He like the others are just mouthpieces. Not a very charitable thing to state in the New Year but that is the way I see it. Apologies only come when things get really tough in the media. Then they mouth the words of apology which are not sincere when they sat and did nothing for half a century knowing what was going on.

It is a laugh too saying that the elderly and others should be able to contribute - saying this when they are throwing Parishioners out of Church groups. What a hypocrite. You can see when he appeared on Late Late Show for a man of his age not a wrinkle on his brow of anywhere on his face because he lives in an ivory tower where he is pampered unlike most of the members of the Church struggling to live day to day the lines on their faces like a roadmap at a younger age than this pampered man.

When these reports come out the baskets for the collections in the Churches should remain EMPTY, STAY EMPTY INDEFINITELY.

The money should be given to St.Vincent de Paul and other Agencies who actually care about their fellow human being and try to help them as best they can not to any cause the begging letters of the Church call out for from these pampered men in their ivory towers.

If they want money let the Pope sell off some of his surplus art works, jewels, property.

Our local church OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE, BRAY keeps reminding us to return the Christmas Dues envelopes as soon as possible PLUS a new canvass of the Parish is to start shortly to get those that can still actually afford to give anything to increase their contributions.

This at a time when the Parish has €250,000 in bank account enough to replace the roof that is needed but is to borrow almost €700,000 for other unnecessary items to be done inside the Church that are not required except to boost the ego of the LITTLE MAN who is the Parish Priest and who will leave the Church in massive debt when he leaves when it is now debt free.

Also he sits in a large family house when the Presbytery in the Church grounds can accommodate him but it is not to his liking. If he wants this unnecessary work done why not give up his house and use the money now to pay for the work not wait until he leaves the Parish.

Oh that would not suit he needs his trappings of luxury in the house he spent a fortune on to make comfortable just over 4 years ago.

So think twice before you throw money towards the Church - it is paying to keep the pampered ones in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

There your Grace I have said it all and I think there is a strong ring of truth to it.


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