Wednesday, November 01, 2023

CWI : Operation Laonia (22)

CWI : Operation Laonia

Well now Fintan, we sincerely hope you have recovered post-Dublin City Marathon.

We still hope you will also manage to write a reply to that legal letter sent to you (twice) which was promised to the relevant solicitor by the Invisible Parish Priest of Cloughleigh AKA Fr Gerard Jones on your behalf.

We are going to probably distract you from that now by directing your attention to the parish of Feakle in East Clare, currently overseen by the former President of St Flannan's College in Ennis, none other than Joe McMahon.

It seems he has not forgotton his old ways, and is trying to run the parish like he did St Flannans - iron fist diktat-esque, and its causing more than one or two problems.

You should be aware, Fintan, and if not, you are about to be, that your Pastoral Worker, Michael Daly, out there seems to think he is a law unto himself, with the backing of Herr McMahon, and this came to a very serious head in recent times.

Suffice to say, the  permitted and unchecked behaviour of the Pastoral Worker, Michael Daly, has angered and upset so many people out in Feakle that the faithful did not attend Mass of a Sunday in very recent days - the church was effectively empty.

Daly claims to all and sundry - with some pomposity and arrogance - that he has the backing of Herr McMahon in all of this, and this was as good as confirmed verbally by Herr McMahon to some parishoners out there.

No doubt you will do your very best to not have to deal with this directly, and somewhat back up Herr McMahon (and accordingly, Daly), but you would need to be very careful Fintan - it's not as if you haven't already messed up enough in the Diocese of Killaloe!!

P.S. : Don't forget that letter to that solicitor Fintan...after all you did have it promised on your behalf, did you not?