Saturday, November 13, 2010

Retaliation of the Paedo & Embezzler Church

Hell hath no fury than the 'hierarchy' outed!!

How true it is in relation to the 'Reformed Catholic Church' and its attempts to silence people who dare to criticise it and its modus operandi of transferring paedophiles contrary to Megans Law and its shielding of criminals such as Barney Canada and George Phillip Zimmerman
( to name but 2 of the clique of criminals that make the majority of membership of this 'church'.

Just last Tuesday, we here in CW brought it to the attention of you our readers, the resurrection of an organisation that effectively brought about its own demise and we outlined just some of how this came to be.

We were only doing our job in bringing this to your attention and we knew that by so doing we would probably receive some sort of lashback from the unChristian ones in the 'RCC' hereafter the Paedo and Embezzler Church (PEC) which more aptly describes it and as suggested by some of you who made contact with us.

We also highlighted the deception that was going on especially in relation to its membership in France (1 deacon) which was somewhat reluctantly adjusted to reflect the true membership (zero membership) once evidence of such was documented by us and published here.

However, this is in direct contrast to the PEC which decided to publish untrue and total falsehoods about a former member who founded this site (and long gone from here) without providing ANY form of evidence to back their claims. 

The former member and indeed others who also left once they found out that Zimmerman (His Beatitude no less) has criminal background to hide, was turning a blind eye to the paedophile Lyons whom he attempted transfer to Ireland with help from Niall Sheridan, and to Barney Canada (Barney Canada ref:;; who was embezzling funds almost leaving Bernie Madoff looking likely for sainthood.

All info pertaining to above can be found on the internet just by Googling their names and verified for your own selves.

Sheridan is organising a World AIDS Day service in Dublin this year in the Unitarian Church, the membership of which should be well advised as to the background of this person who had no compunction whatsoever in colluding with Zimmerman in transferring convicted paedophile Lyons to Ireland contrary to Megans Law but was found out by other church members in America who brought it into the open and had it verified by SNAP, and links as follows verify this:

No doubt yet again, Sheridan and his convicted criminal cronies in the PEC will try and besmirch the name of their former members who have been most hurt by what went on, but in the end the truth will come out (the truth being contrary to the PEC as it always was, is and no doubt shall remain).

No matter what mud they may throw, the lack of evidence to verify their extraordinary claims and allegations just proves all the more how quick they are to throw mud at others and publish / circulate such falsehoods, and when asked to do so always seem to shirk away from producing such evidence.
We would like to warn people of this 'church' and its modus operandi in that it is not upfront, honest and is indeed a haven for criminals and paedophiles and unfortunately, it has not changed in the least.

The words of Sheridan himself as follows are enough to make anyone be questioning;

"Frankly I find this exposition the single most hypocritical piece of rubbish that has been said throughout all this nonsensical madness. Duh! A church founded by a convicted felon has no room for a convicted felon!"

This is from an email circulated by Sheridan on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 7:36 AM and nothing has obviously changed!!!

Note to PEC: at least we can back our claims with evidence, you should try it sometime!!!!