Saturday, August 19, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (4)

CWI : Operation Latharna

Well, it looks as if Mr Buckley is not happy again...and yet he fails to recognise that the reason for his own acclaimed unhappiness is down to....himself.

Today, Mr Buckley has published an article on his blog, in relation to someone who he claims is an 'unwanted abuser' on his own blog, and regrettably had us in stitches here in CW.

Oh the hypocrisy is just flowing like the Shannon out of you now Mr if it wasn't doing so already...

Just to put the following to you Mr Buckley....

1. Do you have any evidence for the following : (Quote) Lobb (62) seems to have nothing better to do in his life than abuse and insult people on here all day every day. (unquote) - evidence of such? Or is it that he is questioning you in such a way so as not to follow your own narrative?

2. (Quote) I don’t know anything about his mental health (and don’t want to) or what his problems are.(unquote) - so if you don't, then why raise it as an issue? Are you medically qualified one way or the other to pass such a comment or perceived judgement?

3. (Quote) But I do know I do not want him and his abuse on this blog.(unquote) But it is ok to allow abuse by others on your blog such as that of YD and KI - just 2 of the more explicit - and indeed your own comment the other day - ref 14th August at 0840hrs inst (quote) Pathetic comment and person. I think someone needs a Lobb-otomy. (unquote) - Is that not abuse Mr Buckley? Do you not sit down and take the time to screen what comments you do and do not allow to be published? Or have you outsourced that to someone down South?

4. (Quote) At this stage, I regard what he is doing as harassment. (unquote) we're surprised that you of all people Mr Buckley, would know what harassment is considering the very nature of your blogspot - shall we name just a few who you have passed comment on, allowed others comments to be passed on, and indeed continue to allow such comments to be passed on - comments without a basis of evidence let it be noted.

5. (Quote) If he continues, I will contact the police in Downpatrick, where he lives, and make a formal harassment complaint against him. (unquote) God help the PSNI with you Mr Buckely - they may as well hold on to you while you are there and have you account for your own behaviour which is all the more questionable than that of all others who have been defamed, slandered (and continue to be) and otherwise lied about on your blog.

6. Do you not think Mr Buckley, that by somewhat identifying where the person who is currently the target of your vitriol lives, you may have endangered their life? But sure, why would you care considering you have allowed KI and YD to do so already on your blog?

And if you want to nip along to your local police station about us here in CW and make an allegation against us, toddle along and do so - but be very very careful for that which you wish for doesn't result in some blowback for you!!