Friday, September 01, 2023

CWI : Operation Easpag (18)

CWI : Operation Easpag 

No doubt many of you have come here for the updates, and potentially the release of over 200 pages of documentation in relation to this investigation.

As things stand at this time, CW has, in consultation with the 47 persons concerned, (none of whom are aggrieved or priests as per false reports issued in recent times by others), due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing and cordial talks, no further reporting will take place until such time as an agreed resolution has been reached.

Any right minded person, no doubt, would agree with such a move.

Let us also state that should matters not go as hoped vis-a-vis resolution, then with the written consent, authorisation and legal direction from the 47 people concerned, the full 200 plus pages will be published...that should be more than enough to merit a fur coat, and perhaps a pair of knickers, for some of our vocal detractors of late!!