Tuesday, October 24, 2023

CWI : Operation Laonia (21)

CWI : Operation Laonia

Well now Fintan,just a few more questions for you and Cleo, especially in light of this....

1. Do you both still condone, believe, and consider to be vulnerable, a woman who prefers botox treatment over her childrens wellbeing?

2. Do you both still, having viewed the transcript of a recording presented in legal evidence, consider this woman to be vulnerable?

3.  Why did you both, and another person, Mr P.R., refuse to view evidence when offered, by the falsely accused priest (by this very woman) when it was offered to you all?

4. Would either of you care to comment on the contents of that transcript? She gets even...were you both aware of this?

5. Do any of you not feel that you encouraged her in this behaviour by telling her that you believed her that fateful day in Westbourne?

6. Were either of you aware of the child benefit payments made? They were double. Do you condone this behaviour?

7. When the woman said that she gets botox delivered to her house, she followed that statement with a question - So? Do you both condone this contempt in the same way you condoned her contempt for truth when she was with you both in Westbourne?

8. Since that day in Westbourne, did you Fintan, Cleo or Mr P.R. ever think for one moment that she lied to you all - singularly and collectively?

9. Fintan, on the basis of her blatant lies, you petitioned Rome for this priest to be laicaised, whilst failing to carry out an actual investigation (not the pre-scripted one you got Mr P.R. to sign off on for you). Do you not regret that decision to this day, and especially so in the light of what has started to happen in the courts?

10. Cleo, will you now still issue her a glowing letter of reference such as the one you issued to another heretofore, and which duly managed to go worldwide? 

11. Mr. P.R., do you now regret not believing the priest when he was with you trying to defend the truth - which you blithely ignored for Fintans 30 pieces of silver - and had evidence to back it up?

12. Fintan, Cleo and Mr P.R. - on this alone, and only God knows what is yet to transpire - do any of you now consider your positions untenable and resign? Or will all 3 of you (and corrupt cohorts) continue as is and hope it all goes away (which it won't)?