Saturday, May 26, 2007

Statements Of Bishop & Priest At Centre Of Gay Exposé

Statement by the Bishop of Killaloe, Bishop Willie Walsh, concerning Father Michael Hogan
I am deeply saddened by the report which has appeared in a newspaper in relation to Fr Michael Hogan, a priest of our diocese of Killaloe. I fully accept Fr Michael’s statement in response to the story.

Fr Michael has asked me for a period of time out, from his ministry, in order to reflect on his position. I have accepted this request.

I am aware that his ministry as a priest has been characterised by a deep sincerity and compassion for people in their struggles. I ask that he be shown the compassion and understanding which he has always shown to others in their struggles.

We, as priests, are committed to living celibate lives.

We are not, however, immune from struggles in many areas of our lives including our sexuality.

We take consolation that Jesus, while condemning the sin, did not stand in judgement on the sinner.
Fr Michael will continue to have the support and affection of myself and the priests of our diocese at this time.

I believe he will also have the support and affection of those who have experienced compassion through his priestly ministry down the years.

I ask for your prayers for him and for all our priests at this time.

+ Willie Walsh,

Bishop of Killaloe.

Statement issued by Fr. Michael Hogan, priest of the Diocese of Killaloe

I am deeply ashamed at the revelations in a newspaper concerning me and my private life.

I acknowledge breaches and indiscretions in relation to my vow of celibacy.

I apologise profoundly for the hurt and embarrassment caused to the parishioners of Feakle and Killanena-Flagmount, my bishop, fellow priests, to those who know and trust me both within and outside the church community.

I acknowledge that these are serious matters that affect me on a personal level and in my vocation and ministry.

I am immediately requesting my bishop to grant me time away from my ministry so that I might deal for myself with these issues.

I would appreciate the prayers and support of those who know me at this most difficult and trying time.

It is my intention not to make any further public comment at this time.

Fr. Michael Hogan,
Feakle, Co. Clare.

23rd May 2007.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was shocked to read the newspaper article this morning. How low do reporters go to delve out stories without having any feelings for the peoples whose lives they destroy in the process - and as in this case, the community who are impacted on by these private matters being made public. My heart goes out to this priest whose life has been devastated - I spent my time in my church (I am not Catholic) this morning reflecting on what this reporter has done. He has attacked the Catholic church and community without valid reason and sown destruction without any gain for society - no one benefits by this - society suffers. If this reporter were to come into the majority of our private lives and publicise what he found, we would, as this priest is at the moment, be ostracised by the "innocent" public who revel in scandals. I hope and sincerely pray that this community stand up and support this priest to the hilt, ignore what they have heard and read. (it was a private matter and should never have been exposed). By reacting to scandals we are supporting the undermining of our values in society. If no one was affected by the priests gay website interactions why should it be made public. If we were exposed for the skeletons in our cupboards we would all be in a sorry state.

What was the reporters agenda - to destroy the priests life and earn his weekly wage - if I were the reporter I would not be sleeping very well (that is if he has any conscience!

I hope the Bishops and church stand firm on this matter and treat the article as invasion of privacy and allow the priest and community get on with the good deeds.