Thursday, December 17, 2009

Parish In Bray (30)

As reported here on Clerical Whispers the case relating to the Appeal of the Unfair Dismissal of Parish Secretary Margaret O'Hehir and Parish Priest Fr. Larry White of Queen of Peace Bray was on the call over list in Wicklow Circuit Court on 7th December.

Ms. O'Hehir's Solicitor was in attendance anxious to get a new date for the hearing as Fr. White had cancelled the hearing for October citing his witness was not available.

This case began September 2005!!!!

Fr. White did not even deem it important to have anyone from his legal team present to sort out a new date for the hearing.

Therefore as his legal people were not there all the February 2010 dates were assigned to other cases.

Here we have this arrogant Parish Priest once again dragging his heels and delaying things. Isn't it time Archbishop Martin whipped him into place????

Interesting the name OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE PARISH BRAY has disappeared from the title of the case it is now just FR. LARRY WHITE.

Does that mean Diarmuid Martin has given him the elbow - cut him free - he is an embarrassment to him and he can continue with the case on his own and hopefully pay his own legal bills from here on in? Oh joy if that is the case there is justice!!!!

All we can say to Fr. White is "he can run but he cannot hide" this case is going to Court and is going to be heard and reported on. Too many people are now interested in the outcome.

The next hearings are May 11-20 and Ms. O'Hehir's Solicitors a week ago contacted the legal team for Fr. White who are required to give a letter agreeing to a date to be set during that term within 7 days.

As of writing this there is NO REPLY.

With all the bad publicity the Church and Clergy are getting is Fr. Larry White now afraid to show his face in Court?

Typical of a bully - when the going gets tough the bully slides under a rock and pulls it over him.



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