Monday, October 09, 2023

CWI : Operation Latharna (10)

CWI : Operation Latharna

Well, how the time flies in when you wouldn't be thinking of it....and here we are 1 month on from our having issued our invitation to  Mr Buckley to join us in our solicitors office in Dublin.

It would be a nice get-together where he could meet us all, be interviewed by us, our solicitors and others, but it seems it would be too much for him.

And we understand why Mr Buckley.... would involve you being exposed for the liar and the fraud that you actually are!!

We have asked you time after time after time, a whole set of questions on this blog, and we have called you out on claims that you have made - and others have made in relation to you - but you will not answer these questions.

The reason being that you cannot stand over anything that has been posted on your blog for quite some time - and the world and its mother can see that.

Rather than answering our questions, you go on the attack and (continue to) make unfounded allegation after unsubstantiated allegation ad nauseam against everyone and anyone - so long as it means that you do not answer anything put to you.

And in a solicitors office with at least 9 CW journos asking you to account for yourself, alongside a solicitor or 3, and also others against whom you have made comments, statements or published unverified posts and indeed accompanying comments - you would not be able to engage in projectionism.

Don't worry Mr Buckley, we here in CW have not even scratched the surface with what we are going to publish in relation to you - and we will be starting with a certain email we ALL have Mr Buckley....and we will go from there.

You had your chance...which is more than what you have given to others, Mr Buckley.

Perhaps your little jaunt out to Greece in recent days may also be an impediment...but at least you can read this and reflect on it as you return to Ireland...we could even meet you at the airport with a welcoming committee!!