Friday, October 24, 2008

Parish in Bray (2)

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All of this sounds like same old, same old.

With happenings in our local Parish over last three years and Archbishop Diarmuid Martin giving those who complain the cold shoulder (literally) when he visited the Parish things will never change and lay members of the Church will never be listened to or their problems resolved.

It is too easy to pass the problems caused by the Parish Priest to be pawned off on the Insurance Companies insuring the Church to take action and resolve things rather than going to the grass roots and making said PP sit down and listen to his wrong doings and then do something about it like making him give a public apology in the Parish to those he has wronged and whose lives he has ruined.

Instead he is sent off on so called breaks for health reasons but the Parishioners are not that stupid they are now beginning to see the major cracks in this mans long vocation that went off track years ago.

Is it because of the shortage of Priests and the desperation of the Church at this point that their arrogance and lack of doing the right thing by the Parishioners is ignored and the boys who wear the collars (or in this case a boy who does not even bother because he has no respect even for his own position within the Church) is let run riot and con those he is supposed to serve using his psychology training to smile and make people think all is well and his halo glows in the background.

Those who have been damaged by said individual can see through this smoke screen but nothing is done about it.

It is damage limitation now after 3 years but horror or horrors he is coming back to the Parish by all accounts before Christmas to swan around in his robes and do his saintly duty.

God help us all.

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