Sunday, January 14, 2024

CWI : Operation Latharna (19)

AS advised to you all yesterday, we here in CW will now advise that our site was formally reported (falsely) by Mr Buckley, beginning on September 7th, 2022, and each and every subsequent posting that we made was thereafter reported by Mr Buckley to Google for defammation....

And on Friday 5th 2024, Google decided to lick his lying ass and take the site down in Ireland - North and South - without informing CW of any malicious defammation complaints lodged by Mr Buckley since September 2022 - and that is going to be a problem (legally) that Google is going to have to account for in due course.

However, let us return to Mr Buckley and his Southern Sidekick (hereinafter SS) in all of this, and indeed their ongoing defammation against others which is part of ongoing criminal investigations both in the North and Republic of Ireland.

On Mr Buckley's 'blog', the Southern Sidekick was very quick to proudly announce the 'downfall' of CW at 3.59pm on January 5th, 2024 due to legal you failed to mention your role (SS) and that of Mr Buckley does indeed surprise us here in CW, but then again, IP addresses do not lie...unlike both of yourselves.

Yesterday, January 13th 2024, you (SS) yet again falsely claimed that it is a relation of a certain priest who runs this site, but yet you and Mr Buckley have had invitations to engage with us all here in CW in Dublin - both of you have failed to take up on that offer : Why?

And yet again, in lying mode (as per norm) you SS claim that someone here in CW (quote) 'has been arrested and bail conditions stop him interfering with his blog as it's evidence?' (unquote)

Let us here clarify that none of these lies you and Mr Buckley continuously spout hold any truth - and if you have any evidence (highly unlikely) then please produce it.

Maybe you and Mr Buckley have had an insight into your own very near futures in that regard - Mr Buckley has had a few interactons with his local police force to testify to the very real possibility of that happening as well as a few civil cases coming down the line at him.

As for you SS, considering your own skirmishes with the local courts, one would have thought that that would be enough for you to consider your own position, but no such thing with you eh.

You have the audicity to go, copy and paste the testimonies of real and factual victims of abuse, as comments on Mr Buckleys blog, and then 'victimise' yourself by empathising with the real victims.

How low can you possibly go?

So many already know that answer...and the world and its mother will know when we here in CW are done with you and Mr Buckley....irrespective of how many false defammation claims you may make against CW.

CW will not be intimidated by the malicious actions and claims made by Mr Buckley and you, SS, a volatile and vindictive female who, as has admitted in a courtroom herself, (quote) : “I don’t get mad. I get even.” 

Well, let us advise you both, we will continue to expose both of your lies, deceit and your attempts to suppress evidence (including an email and telephone recording) which would undermine any and all claims ye have made about a cleric (amongst others), on Mr Buckleys site.

This is one cage that ye should not have rattled.... 


Eagarthóir / Editor