Sunday, August 21, 2022

CW Investigates : Operation Easpag (1)


As many of you who read this blog are aware, CW Investigates has been busy undertaking some investigations the length and breadth of Ireand and the UK, with a few stops in Europe also.

One of these investigations has led the team off on many various routes, all throwing up very interesting - and disturbing - revelations.

Just recently, mention was made on this blog of 61 pages of information pertinent to a (as of yet, unnamed) bishop in Ireland, and to put it mildly, this information would put the gay Karma Sutra to blushing.

What the 61 pages tell us is as follows....and note, this is the mild version of what this bishop has been involved in...

* gay sexual threesomes, on multiple ocassions;

* 1-on / in-1 activities with regular / repeat meetings with particular men;

* in one day alone, had 3 meetings with 3 different men, and a threesome that night with 2 other men;

* in many instances, and all this is verified, he paid cash to many of the men involved;

* likes to use - in copious amounts - what are called 'poppers'

* has often left ocassions such as weddings with excuses so as to attend to his own sexual needs and urges;

In recent times, one of our reporters has been in contact with at least 1 out of a particular group of four men who were regulars of this bishop, and is currently arranging a meeting to take place on foot of further information having been obtained.

Legal issues - at the moment - preclude us from naming this particular 'Prelate of Perverted Proclivities' - but oh come the day when that big red button can be pressed á la Dougal of Fr Ted fame....